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Xiaomi Mi A2, how to format, reset and restart

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Xiaomi Mi A2, how to format, reset and reset aliases

The Xiaomi Mi A2 It is a relatively new smartphone, so if you have one it should work correctly, at least for a decent period of time. But you may also see that everything is not going as well as at the beginning, apps and games are locked, apps remain pending download on Google Play, Android errors are displayed on the screen or the performance of the Xiaomi Mi A2 becomes slow and tedious.

In that case, the best you can do is format and reset to factory settings. This way it will stay as you took it out of the box for the first time. And you will like to know that it is a fairly simple process.

Xiaomi Mi A2 how to format, reset and restart

Forced restart, soft reset of the Mi A2

If your smartphone has simply hung up, it may not be necessary format to factory settings. Sometimes making a forced reset is enough, also called Soft reset. For such a restart, you simply have to press and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds. Once this is done, the mobile will automatically restart.

If it was not a serious problem, just a simple hang up, it is possible that after restarting your Xiaomi Mi A2 already begins to work properly.

Xiaomi Mi A2, how to format, reset and reset aliases

Before formatting, backup

If the forced restart has not been enough, the way that your smartphone will work directly again can be factory reset. But it is important to know that once you do, your mobile will be just as you took it out of the box. Therefore, all the data stored in it will be deleted. Therefore, we strongly recommend that before performing this process, make a backup copy of all your data, photographs, videos, songs, files, etc. Only then will you make sure you don’t lose anything.

Xiaomi Mi A2, how to format, reset and reset aliases

Steps to format and reset the Xiaomi Mi A2 to factory mode

If we can access the phone normally and access the menus, the normal procedure is:

  1. We go to settings, and then click on System.
  2. In that menu, we look for Reset options.
  3. Click on Delete all (factory reset).
  4. Then you will ask us to confirm a couple of times and start the factory reset or reset the Mi A2.

If you cannot access the settings menu normally, the following procedure is hard reset or factory reset using the recovery menu.

  1. To start the formatting process, the phone must be turned off. If it isn’t, it’s time to turn it off.
  2. The next step will be to press and hold at the same time volume up button and power button until the logo appears.
  3. In a few seconds you will have accessed the recovery menu of Android.
  4. Choose wipe data / factory reset. To move through the menu you will have to press the volume buttons.
  5. Select Yes – delete ALL user data and confirm your choice with the power button.
  6. The Xiaomi Mi A2 will take only a few seconds to format, now select reboot system now to restart

Xiaomi Mi A2, how to format, reset and reset aliases

Once you have done all these steps, your Xiaomi Mi A2 will be exactly the same as the day you bought it. A very suitable option not only in case it does not work well, but also if you want sell it or give it away No traces of your data left.

You have a Xiaomi Mi A2? Have you ever had problems that led you to format and factory reset? At the bottom of this article you will find our comments section, where you can talk about your experience in this regard.1