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TodoAndroid is a website of AB Internet. On this website we take care of sharing all the news about Android, the world's leading operating system. In TodoAndroid.es you will find the most complete Android tutorials, as well as the most complete reviews of the main products on the market. The team of writers is made up of Android enthusiasts with extensive experience in the sector.

TodoAndroid's editorial team is made up of a large group of Android technology experts. If you also want to be part of the team, you can send us this form to become an editor.



    • Daniel Gutiérrez

      I have been passionate about technology since 2008, having had a phone with an Android operating system at that time, the HTC Dream. I studied journalism at the UMA in Malaga, and I currently do sports and technology radio. My aspiration is to grow and learn much more. I currently spend my free time doing web positioning and app development courses.

    • Isaac

      Passionate about the Linux kernel, computer architecture, and microelectronics. And what is inside a mobile device? Electronics, architectures... And within Android? A Linux kernel. Therefore, in this blog I feel at home.

    • Cesar Bastidas

      Since I was little I have been passionate about technology and everything we can achieve through it. I trained as a systems engineer at the ULA in Venezuela and currently I work in the writing of technology content and for Amazon. I aspire to continue growing and learning to be a better content writer every day.

    Former editors

    • angel pitarque

      Expert in technology and communication in social networks, owner of groups with more than 2.550.000 users.

    • Dan

    • Ignatius Hall

      Android user since the first device that hit the market, self-taught and with a didactic vocation, I share all my knowledge with Android users.