Xiaomi Mi A2, how to format, reset and restart

Xiaomi Mi A2, how to format, reset and restart aliases

El Xiaomi Mi A2 it's a relatively new smartphone, so if you own one it should work just fine, at least for a decent amount of time. But it is also possible that you see that everything is not going as well as it did at the beginning, apps and games get stuck, apps remain pending download on Google Play, Android errors are displayed on the screen or the performance of the Xiaomi Mi A2 becomes slow and tedious.

In that case, the best thing you can do is format and reset to factory settings. This way it will stay just as you took it out of the box for the first time. And you will be pleased to know that it is a fairly simple process.

Xiaomi Mi A2 how to format, reset and restart

Forced restart, soft reset of the Mi A2

If your smartphone has just hung up, it may not be necessary format to factory settings. Sometimes doing a forced restart is enough, also called a Soft reset. For this restart, you will simply have to press and hold the power button for about 15-20 seconds. Once this is done, the mobile will restart automatically.

If it was not a serious problem, just a simple crash, it is possible that after restarting your Xiaomi Mi A2 it will start to work correctly.

Xiaomi Mi A2, how to format, reset and restart aliases

Before formatting, make a backup

If the forced restart has not been enough, the way to get your smartphone to work directly again may be reset to factory settings. But it is important to know that once you do, your mobile will be as you took it out of the box. Therefore, all the data you have saved on it will be deleted. Therefore, we strongly recommend that before carrying out this process, you make a backup of all your data, photos, videos, songs, files, etc. Only then will you make sure you don't lose anything.

Xiaomi Mi A2, how to format, reset and restart aliases

Steps to format and reset the Xiaomi Mi A2 to factory mode

If we can access the phone in a normal way and access the menus, the normal procedure is:

  1. We go to settings, and then click on System.
  2. In that menu, we look for Reset Options.
  3. Click on Delete all (factory reset).
  4. Then it will ask us to confirm a couple of times and the reboot to factory mode or reset of the Mi A2 will begin.

If you cannot access the settings menu normally, the following procedure does the hard reset or factory reset through the recovery menu.

  1. To start the formatting process, the phone must be turned off. If it isn't, it's time to turn it off.
  2. The next step will be to hold down at the same time volume up button and power button until the logo appears.
  3. In a few seconds you will have accessed the Android recovery menu.
  4. Choose Wipe data / factory reset. To move through the menu you will have to press the volume buttons.
  5. Select Yes — delete ALL user data and confirm your choice with the power button.
  6. The Xiaomi Mi A2 will take only a few seconds to format, now select Reboot system now to restart.

Xiaomi Mi A2, how to format, reset and restart aliases

Once you have done all these steps, your Xiaomi Mi A2 will be exactly the same as the day you bought it. A very suitable option not only in case it does not work well, but also if you want sell it or give it away without leaving traces of your data.

You have a Xiaomi Mi A2? Have you ever had problems that led you to format and reset to factory settings? At the bottom of this article you will find our comments section, where you can tell us about your experience in this regard.


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  2.   Roxi said

    hello I have a xiaomi mi A2 lite the problem with it is that it overheats a lot and I don't even have applications 'to say that's why it's the problem I would like to know how to solve it


    I have a xiaomi a2 and for a week it turned off and I can't turn it on, the screen is only lighting up a little and it turns off again like this it is doing almost always when I try to turn it on. If there is any way to format from the computer or from tell me another way I have it for a year and I can't repair it because the stores are closed.

  4.   Jerome said

    Hello, I have a Xiaomi mi A2 and the truth is that until today I was super happy with it, both in battery and camera and in all the only problem that is driving me crazy because I don't know what to do anymore is that it doesn't connect to wireless headphones I haven't updated anything and a thousand other things and I don't solve anything. The mobile is less than a year old, could I see its warranty and have it changed?

  5.   ramon jose said

    Hello, I have installed the family link application on my son's mobile and I don't like it. I have followed the steps and now I can't remove it from his terminal and I can't do anything and when I try to reset it I can't either.
    Any solution to reset it?
    Thank you.

  6.   fernando said

    hello, good afternoon, I have a xiaomi mi a2, the cell phone did not want to turn on after it was completely downloaded. and I have hit the reset buttons and still does not turn on; I have placed it to charge and it shows no signs of turning on, I connect the charger and it only lights up as if it had notifications for a few seconds but it does not turn on and there is no signal

  7.   Henry said

    I have a Xiaomi Mi A2, accept an android update, and it doesn't go past the android home screen, I try to train it and it gives me fastboot. The phone is not even two months old, I try with the aliexpres guarantee and no response. I have tried with tutorials connect it to the computer and there is no way.

    1.    Dani said

      Try formatting by buttons.

  8.   Alex said

    Hi, exactly the same thing happened to me. I have two weeks without mobile. I have a Xiami Mi A2 that has been a total disaster. It had been failing for weeks: Apps were blocked, it stayed in autistic mode, hands-free stopped working on calls, etc. Suddenly it's stuck on the Android One home screen and won't let me do anything.


    My cell my a2 stayed frozen on the android one home screen, and it does not allow any previously explained and proposed procedure to be carried out, there is any other solution, nor does my pc recognize the mobile,

  10.   Ana said

    Good morning,
    I have a problem, I have forgotten or blocked the pattern of my A2 Lite, it has been caught with 1 hour less than the real one. He says I have two attempts left to get the data wiped and I don't want to and can't lose it.
    I have tried some things that I have seen in tutorials but nothing because it is turned off so I can't access it through the pc N nothing.
    Is there any solution?
    Thanks in advance

    1.    Dani said

      Difficult solution. Try to unlock by gmail, if it gives you option to use Gmail.

  11.   Ana said

    I have forgotten the lock pattern, I turned it off and in the last attempt it tells me that I have 3 attempts left to erase the data, I do not want to lose them and since it was turned off I cannot access it from the PC, can I do something without resetting it?

    1.    Juan Mendez Morales said

      comes to me in chinese

  12.   eduardo said

    My phone my a2 does not connect with the updates on foot either, I perform a reset with the terminal and the oreo version is no longer there, thanks for making my life impossible siaomi, this terminal is the third that the GAME store changes for me, since the other terminals they have the same problem, and in the xiaomi store they tell me that the warranty does not cover me because the purchase of the terminal belongs to a non-European provider.
    When I can, I will go to GAME to get my money back, if not, I will ask for a claim form and I will denounce GAME and XIAOMI for allowing the sale of their products and not having any guarantee.

  13.   alexander schweppe said

    if xiaomi a2 restarts only several times a day what can be done in advance thank you very much

  14.   José said

    the mi a2 lite restarts without stopping, it does not respond to pressing and holding the volume up button and the power button at the same time until the logo appears.

  15.   Jesus said

    A week after buying it, the September update was installed, goodbye to bluetooth, totally. I wanted to reset it and it doesn't work to press the volume up key and power on, so I return it and I will trust that the one they give me as a replacement works correctly.
    A greeting.

  16.   Paco said

    I have a Xiaomi Redmi S2. Does this system also work for mine?

    1.    Dani said

      The settings menu should be similar, the recovery menu I think changes a bit.