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The best features to try on Android Pie

Android Pie news

Android P officially arrived a few weeks ago and here we will reveal the best features you can try in the Android 9 version. In this long list we will tell you many options to learn about Android Pie and in some cases you will have to unlock the developer options of your mobile to use the features.

For now there are very few mobiles that have access to this new Android P update, and most likely this guide is a great help for some users, for now. If you own a Google Pixel or a Essential Phone, surely you already have Android Pie on your mobile, among other brands that are updating them. Although most likely, you want to get the most out of the best features and here we enter to help you discover them.

Android Pie, news and improvements that you can use

A new way to rotate the screen on Android 9 Pie

In Android 9 Pie You can rotate the window of an application, without having to lower the notification bar and look for the settings to activate it. Now it will be a little easier, since we just have to place the mobile horizontally and you will see that a small rotation icon next to the recent apps button.

rotate Android Pie screen

Obviously, you must touch the button so that the application is rotated and placed horizontally. In case you want to see the application vertically again, just touch the same icon and voila. Without a doubt, it is a very easy to use and indispensable tool in some cases.

Battery power that suits you

Something that we liked a lot, is that the battery adapts to your use, so that we can use a little more battery in our devices. Especially those who have a mobile with very little battery capacity, and we do not have a super mobile range top. The function Adaptive Battery Feature from Android Pie, It helps us manage the power of our mobile device. To verify it, we just have to go to the terminal configuration -> Battery -> Adaptive battery.

Adaptive Battery Android Pie

Once you start using Adaptive Battery, the system will learn which applications to prioritize for use and which can remain inactive. Although, if there is an application running out of the ordinary in the background, the system will ask if you want to prevent it from happening again. On the other hand, Android Pies will also preload the applications you use most frequently, so that they do not collect resources from your system when you activate them.

Prohibit annoying notifications in Android 9.0 Pie

Another novelty of Android 9 Pie and very particular that many users may like and dislike the rest of them, because it is about prohibit annoying notifications. There are many Android notifications, which can be overwhelming, especially because those icons obstruct the status bar and increase their number throughout the day.

annoying notifications Android 9 Pie

A very useful tool of Android 9 is that we can say what notifications you should immediately discard when they reach our mobile. In addition, you can configure in the notification panel manually, which should be displayed and which should not.

Become familiar with new gestures

Android 9 has new gestures and you should familiarize yourself with them so you know how to use them efficiently. At first there was some hesitation in the Android community because the new gestures are sliding which include a new modification in the recent applications part. It moves from left to right instead of up or down. Although we have to tell you that once you experience the utility of the new gestures, you won’t want to go back to the old 3 buttons.

New Android Pie gestures

In the screen settings We can manage the new gestures as follows. The first thing we should do is go to the Settings -> Display -> Manage -> Swipe up on the home button. This will remove the shortcut of recent applications and replace the navigation base with a button that looks like a Tic –Tac of mint. Now you will have to swipe up from there, to see recent applications, and then swipe up again to see the app drawer.

Although alternatively, you can swipe left on the navigation bar to see applications or swipe up with a quick movement to enter the application drawer. It is a super useful trick for all those phones that have large screens.

Download the Android Digital Wellbeing app

Google in its developer conference that was held at the beginning of the year, boasted of its new works Digital wellbeing. But unfortunately it is not officially part of Android 9 Pie, although it can be downloaded on Google Play.

The new tool offers a lot of useful functions for our mobile. Once you’ve downloaded and activated it, Digital wellbeing continuously add data about our usage habits, including how often we use the different apps. In addition, it will tell us how many notifications we receive throughout the day and how often we use the mobile.

Digital Wellbeing app

The results can be very disturbing and if you feel guilty when you see them, you can activate a Daily application timer to set limits. It also has a function called Wind down It reminds you to turn off your smartphone at night and set a calendar to dim your screen to grayscale before bedtime and after waking up.

Easier screen fixing

We can configure the screen of our mobile from Android Lollipop, but Android Pie offers us a better way to lock the screen in an application. To do this, we have to go to the Settings -> Security and location -> Advanced -> select Set screen.

Fix on Android foot screen

Once done, you will see a feature called “Pin” appear when you touch the icon on the recent screen.

You can interact with your recent applications

A task that was not easy in previous Android versions, was share texts or images between applications. However, in the new screen of recent Android Pie applications, you can select text or share images from the application sector.

interact with recent applications

To do this you must press and hold the area you want to copy and the interface will respond. This feature was initially enabled in the first generation Pixel phones. Although never activated as such until now it works on all phones.

Silence your mobile device

Android Pie no longer has a default ringtone when you press and hold the volume control up or down. Instead, we can adjust the media volume of our device. In addition, we can prevent it from sounding in quiet places, by pressing the volume up and power buttons at the same time. And it is not necessary to unlock the screen to make it happen.

Get rid of new animations in Android P

The Android transitions were animations that very few users liked, and in Pie that changes to offer new elements in the interface. The menu screen now slides up from the bottom of the screen. In addition, it has a rebound effect as it enters and exits. Yes, it is a simple function add-on, but if you don’t like it you can delete it in the settings.

remove Android Pie animations

To do this you must go to Settings -> Accessibility -> press the “Delete animations” button. Once you have done so, they will disappear and you will also deactivate the animations of other applications.

Lock the lock screen on Android 9

It may sound weird, but it is very annoying that you are on your way to a site and your phone is continuously unlocked in your pocket. Android Pie It offers a configuration called blocking, which effectively blocks your mobile so that only a PIN or a pattern reaches the home screen.

This function deactivates Smart lock, and hide the screen notifications, in case you worry. To do so you must go to the Settings -> Security and location -> screen lock preferences -> Activate “Show lock option”. Once done, you can access this ability by long pressing the power button and touching the lock option. And to make sure that if it works, you’ll see that a lock screen empty to indicate that the interface is locked.

Use the developer options

For experienced users who use Android, we have to tell them that the amount of developer options that has the Android 9 panel. To access the developer options, we must go to the Settings -> System -> About the phone -> Press several times on “Build number”. Once ready, we go to the options to discover all there are. Of course, not all are intended for you to use them daily, since Google explicitly labels them as experimental.

Android 9 developer options

  • Activate the bluetooth automatically while driving: It is one of the many options that has caught our attention. And to activate it you just have to scroll down to touch the “Function Banners”, And there you must activate the option“settings_bluetooth_while_driving” Every time your phone detects that you are driving, the bluetooth will turn on to connect to the stereo or headphones.
  • Night mode: Android Pie offers a dark theme, but it also has a night mode that forces third-party applications to implement their native night themes. In the developer options, a section will appear where you can activate or deactivate it.

Get one touch to your alarm

With Sleepyheads You can quickly check all your alarms or access the timer from a shortcut in Android Pie. For this you must slide down the notification tone -> touch the clock in the lower corner. To check the next alarm, you just have to swipe down twice from the top, and you will see that it appears above the screen brightness control.

Quickly edit the screenshots

Most users take screenshots almost daily, and most likely need to crop them. In Android 9 Pie, we have an option to quickly edit the screenshots we make. The capture will remain on display for a second with shortcuts for share, edit or delete.

Quick edition Android Pie screenshot

By touching the second option, you will obviously go to a screen where you can crop, highlight or mark your screenshot. It is ideal for when we don’t have time to use another image editing application.

You can connect up to five Bluetooth audio devices

In Android 8.1 You could only pair up to 2 audio devices with the bluetooth at a time. But in Android 9 Pie You can connect up to 5 devices at once, but there is no simultaneous playback. So you can’t start a block game or play something with the 5 smatphones.

Try the new dark theme

Many people prefer to have a dark interface and Android 9 has added an option for light and dark automatic themes. On your device you can choose the color you want for your wallpaper. This particular feature we had already mentioned in the developer options.

dark theme on Android 9

But you have to understand that if you select the dark theme, it will only be applied to the home screen, the quick configuration panel, the application drawer and other parts of the mobile.

Disable Hotspot “automagically”

In Android Foot You should not worry about excess data. This is because there is a new feature that automatically turns off your WiFi point if no users are connected. To do this you must go to the preferences of you WiFi Zone and select the option of “Disable active zone automatically

WiFi shared on Android 9

For us these are the things you should keep in mind when having a mobile with Android Pie, Android version 9. In addition, they are news and features that very few users know or know about this new version of the operating system. Which of these new features or functions did you like the most?

Will my mobile phone receive Android Pie?

This is the million dollar question for Android users. If what you have is an iPhone, we assure you that you will not receive updates to Android Pie ?

You can download the beta today on Pixel phones through a free wireless update. It began to be deployed on Monday, August 6, according to Google. You should already see it in the software update menu, if you have a Pixel, of the graceful models.

The Essential phone is also receiving Android 9 Pie immediately, with the Essential ad, “We are proud to bring Android 9 Pie to Essential phones the same day it is launched! Check your phone now for the update ’, and adding a cake emoji at the end of the tweet.

Phones that will receive Android Pie

The phones that will have Android Pie first:

  • Google Pixel 2
  • Pixel 2 XL
  • Google Pixel
  • Pixel XL
  • Essential phone

Android Pie release date: on December 21, 2018. Available for:

  • Sony
  • Xiaomi
  • Global HMD
  • Oppo
  • Alive
  • Oneplus
  • Phone selection Android One

Do you expect to have the latest version of Android Pie in your hands soon? Leave a comment below, if you have a mobile with Android Pie and can bring some more news. Also comment which of these new features and functions of Android Pie 9 has caught your attention.

And finally, a good video, although in English, of the main novelties of the new Android Pie version, of the friends of Androidcentral:

More info.