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【SOFT RESET】 ▷ What it is and how to do it on your Android mobile phone

Soft reset

You may have had to do a Soft Reset and you don’t know what it is. No matter how happy we are with the mobile model we have chosen, nothing frees us that at some point it can get hung up. Before, in those cases we took out the battery to restart, but now it is integrated in most smartphones.

Therefore, the solution for our device to “come back to life” is to make Soft reset. We explain what it is and how you can do it when you have a problem.

Soft reset or forced reset, everything you need to know

What is soft reset?

Soft Reset is simply a forced reset. That is, it is a way for our smartphone to start again, even if we cannot access the menu to restart normally. It may be necessary that we resort to forced restart, in the event that the mobile has been hung up.

What is a soft reset

We all know that maxim of technology, that sometimes the solution to problems is as simple as turning off and on. But there are times when the phone stays so hung up, that we can’t even access the reset menu.

It is in that case when the forced restart can be our salvation. Obviously, if we can restart by the usual method, this does not make much sense.

how to make a soft reset

Difference between Hard Reset and Soft Reset

In addition to the forced restart, there is also another way to debug possible problems that we have in our device. Its about Hard reset. This is just another way to call the reset of our smartphone, or restore to factory mode.

That is, we will leave it as we take it out of the box when we buy it. We will therefore lose all the information and data we have in it, so we should make a backup.

The main difference with the Soft Reset, is that the only thing it does is restart the phone, without deleting the information inside, as it does in the Hard Reset.

How to make a soft reset?

Now that you know what the Forced restart, you may ask yourself one thing: how to do a soft reset ?. Well, you would like to know that the process for it is quite simple. You will simply have to follow the steps indicated below, and your mobile will have restarted without major difficulties:

  1. Press the power button on the phone for about 5 to 10 seconds. On some brands and models of Android phones, you will have to press and hold until the screen turns off. Such as some Motorola.
  2. The phone screen will turn off.
  3. That will indicate that the forced reset or Soft Reset has started.
  4. The phone will turn on normally.

Did you know the process to do Soft Reset on your Android phone? Has it saved you from any trouble when your phone has been hung or roasted?

We invite you to go through the comments section that you can find below and share your experience with us.