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How to view "my" installed Android apps from Google Play ?

How to view my installed Android apps from Google Play

Do you need to know “how to see my Android applications” installed from Google Play? Today, most of us have a lot of Applications installed in our smartphones. And if we have too many, we may even forget one or not be clear about what we have and what we don’t.

To avoid such problems, we will explain 2 different methods. With which to know what Android applications you have installed, quickly and easily. They are basic procedures, but that many may not know.

?‍♀️ How to view my installed Android apps from Google Play

Through the Google Play Store

The best way to be clear about the apps you have installed on your Android mobile is through the Google Play Store.

Just by being connected to your Google account, you can access the list of what you have downloaded, both through the app and in the web version. This is the easiest method, since you won’t need to do any additional installation.

What Android applications do I have installed?

To do this, you will only have to access:

  1. Go to the Google Play application.
  2. To the menu that we will find on the left side.
  3. In it we will choose the Applications section.
  4. And within that point we will find a small section called My Applications

In that list will appear all the apps that we have installed in some Android mobile in which our account is installed. But maybe what we need is to know what applications we have on a specific mobile.

To do this, we will have to enter All applications and select in the tab the device in which we are interested.

applications installed on Android mobile

Through the List My Apps app

List My Apps It is an application with which we can access a list with all the applications that we have installed on our device. This way, you won’t have to be browsing the Google Play Store. The way to access the list will be as simple as opening this application. This way you can access a list quickly.

A very interesting function that we can find in this application is that we can export a list with all the apps we have available.

In this way, if we want, for example, to have all our applications in plain text, we can do it easily, without having to copy them one by one, simply by pressing a button.

This application is completely free, and compatible with virtually any model of Android phone. You will only need Android 2.3 or higher.

If you want to try it to have your applications a little more organized, you can download it at the following link:

Have you ever used any of these two methods? To know how to see my Android apps installed on Google Play? Which one did you find most comfortable? We invite you to go through the comments section at the bottom of the page and tell us about your experience.