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How to format a Xiaomi Mi A1, reset to factory mode (Hard Reset)

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How to format a Xiaomi Mi A1, reset to factory mode (Hard Reset)

Do you need to know how format Xiaomi Mi A1. The Mi A1 It is an Android smartphone that usually gives pretty good results. But you might also need to reset it to factory mode.

Either because it doesn’t work like the first day or just because you want to give it to someone, you may need to all data is deleted that you have inside.

Next we will show you the two available methods to reset the Xiaomi Mi A1 and have your phone back as when you took it out of the box.

How to format a Xiaomi Mi A1? By Settings and by buttons

Reset Mi A1 through the Settings menu

The easiest way to format the Mi A1 It is through the Settings menu. To do this, you will have to enter Settings> Personal> Backup> Factory data reset.

When you click there, you will be notified that you will lose all the information you have on your smartphone. Therefore, it is interesting that you first make a backup copy. Once that button is pressed, it will start resetting the Xiaomi Mi A1.

Hard RESET of the Xiaomi Mi A1 through Recovery mode

If you cannot even access the Settings menu, there is another option to reset to factory mode and format the Xiaomi Mi A1. And it is to do it by means of the buttons and accessing the Recovery menu. With this we will do the hard reset of the Xiaomi Mi A1.

  • The first thing you will have to do is turn off your phone completely. If you cannot unlock the screen, it will turn off leaving the power button pressed for 20 seconds.

  • Next, you must press and hold the power buttons and turn down the volume. You must keep them pressed at the same time, until you see that the Xiaomi logo appears on the screen of your device.
  • The moment this logo appears, you must release both buttons.
  • In the menu that will appear next, enter the recovery mode. You must use the volume buttons to move and the power button to confirm.
  • Once inside, you must enter wipe cache partition. This way, you will clear your phone’s cache making formatting more efficient. To finish formatting the Xiaomi Mi A1, let’s go to the next step.

  • When you have completed this step, you will return to the previous screen. But in this case you will have to enter wipe data / factory reset.
  • A confirmation screen will appear next. You must go to the only option that says Yes and select it to begin the formatting process.
  • Finally, when you return to that screen you will have to select Reboot System Now. After doing so, your Xiaomi Mi A1 will restart, and will ask you again for your Google account, settings and everything. It will be as you took it out of the box.

Thus, you can use it again or give it away with complete peace of mind.

Have you ever had to format the Xiaomi Mi A1? We invite you to go through our comments section and leave us a comment with your doubts.