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It is one of the games with the highest number of downloads in the Google Play Store, all because it is a quite addictive application. Pou, the well-known virtual pet, has enchanted millions of players from all over the world who continue to make a hole to play it in their free time.

As with other video games, it has tricks, which will allow us to have everything to the fullest, such as the virtual currency that is called money. For get infinite money in Pou for Android it will be enough to use a mod, thereby always getting the maximum despite buying things.

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The mods, outside the Play Store

Puu Alien

Google has taken care that the mods are not available in the Google Play store, for this reason they have been eliminating each one of them and leaving only the Zakeh Ltd game. The mods are modified versions of the original game, sometimes it is used to have everything unlocked.

The elimination of these has been caused after the complaint by the developer, who has seen how it was eliminated until none was left available. At the end of the day there will always be a site or page that has these mods available, many of them have been updating.

With the original APK the possibility of doing it is possible, but you have to go through some steps to get coins, which are used at the end of money. Remember that the mod works the same as the game itself, although sometimes it crashes, but these types of bugs are usually repaired.

With Mod APK 1.4.99

for money

The quick way to getting infinite money is using one of the different mods available for Pou, specifically one of the best is Mod APK 1.4.99. The update was launched in May of this year and we will be able to have the inexhaustible currency, in order to buy everything we want.

This application weighs around 24 megabytes, it is outside the Play Store, it is always advisable to pass this file through a page such as Virus Total. Any app from outside the Play Store it can damage our device, but it has to be said that after trying it, everything worked fine and without problem.

It works from Android 4.1 onwards, the creator has decided that with previous versions it is better not to install this one, although you have other options if you have an older version. The Pou Mod APK 1.4.99 has infinite money, as well as costumes and many other extras.

Download: Pou Mod APK 1.4.99

Pou with infinite money and maximum level


El Pou MOD APK V1.4.103 gives everyone who owns it infinite money and maximum level, it is one of those that have begun to be used by the community. This replaced 1.4.99, which only brought infinite money and some extras, such as clothing for our alien.

Some of the features of this mod are: infinite money, maximum level, everything unlocked, unlimited coins and free potions. Not that it's very exciting to have it all, but it is valid in case you want to get things that in the end are worth what we want.

Fun is guaranteed with so many things, among them you will always get those things that you have always wanted but you have been too limited by lack of change. With this mod you will always have money and you will have everything unlocked, this is how this well-known mod is sold.

Download: Pou APK Mod 1.4.103

Keeping the app in the background

Pou cleaning

Another way to earn money is to keep the application in the background, so it is essential that you leave it open, but without having to play. Of course, it will be time to take care of Pou when he needs it, whether it is to feed the pet, shower it, play with it, among other tasks.

The showers will allow us to get coins, with this you will get money, which is worth it to unlock things, in the long run it is the prize that we will have. Pou likes showers, so give him one every so often, but do not go too far with her being very assiduous, give time between one and the other as long as she has time for other things.

With the coins you can exchange things apart from clothes, such as food, objects and some things that will surely add a touch to our pet. Try to always be aware of everything that happens to Pou so that he has your support, he will also ask you for things.

If you keep Pou in the background, every few hours it will give you a good amount of money, so it is another point with which to get everything you want. The application does not have a very large consumption, so if you are one of those who does this regularly, it is also worth getting infinite money.

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