How to access the Android Bluetooth menu? (in 2 screen touches)

access the android bluetooth menu

Today, we all have a large number of devices that connect via Bluetooth. From smart watches to Bluetooth headsets or even the car radio, it is the most normal thing that we connect to another device with the help of this technology.

But to use it in the best way you have to know how to enter its configuration menu. And although you can do it through the Settings menu, there is a much faster way.

The point is to save time when accessing to pair Bluetooth devices. Let's see how to access with 2 screen touches.

Access the Android Bluetooth menu quickly

Bluetooth menu in Android, with two touches

If you have to enter the configuration of this wireless connectivity, surely it occurs to you to do it through the Settings menu. But there is a faster way.

We can enter the configuration with just two touches to the screen. The first will be to slide down, the notification bar, so that the items of the quick settings, Wi-Fi, etc. appear.

Next, you will have to keep your finger pressed for a few seconds on the button with the Bluetooth icon.

Video our android channel on youtube, where we explain the easy process to enter the Bluetooth settings, with 2 screen touches.

It is important that you keep in mind that you must leave your finger pressed above the icon. Otherwise, all you have done is connect and disconnect Bluetooth.

But in case you want to change some element of the configuration, or simply choose a new device to connect to, you will have to keep your finger pressed. In this way, you will save yourself having to go to the Settings menu, a much longer process.

Also valid for other settings

Although in this tutorial we have focused on Bluetooth, the reality is that it is possible to use this same trick to access other configuration functions.

For example, if we carry out the same process but the one we leave pressed is the WiFi, we can directly access the WiFi configuration. This will mean that, in the event that what you want is simply to make a quick adjustment, you can do it in the easiest way.

What can we do from the Bluetooth settings

Entering the Bluetooth configuration menu is essential in case you want to pair your mobile with a new device. And in the event that it has not automatically connected with a device that you already had linked and you had to do it by hand, you will also have to do it from here.

Therefore, at the moment when you want to make a connection that is a bit out of the ordinary, this tutorial will be very useful for you.

Have you ever used this shortcut to access Bluetooth settings? Do you think you really save time compared to entering from the Settings menu? We invite you to go through our comments section and tell us your opinion, as well as other shortcuts for your Android.

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