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Why I don’t have Google Play Store on my Android ▷ 【what to do? 】 ✅

Why I don't have Google Play Store on my Android

Why don’t I have Google Play Store on my Android? It is a question that according to the brand and model of Android phone we have, can assault us sometime. We all know that the Google Play Store It is the only totally secure site from which to download Android apps and games. But what if your mobile phone doesn’t have the app store? Do not panic.

There may be several reasons why the Android Store app is not found on your Android. But each of them has a possible solution, with which to dispose of it in a simple way.

Why I don’t have Google Play Store on my Android what do I do?

The Android app store is outdated

If you have a very old phone, maybe the problem is as simple as the app Store is outdated. The previous name was Market or Google Market. If you have an app with any of these two names, really if you have the Gogle Play Store, just an old version.

The solution to your problem is as simple as connecting your phone to the Internet and letting the updates install correctly. That happens and a lot on mobile phones that have not been connected to the Internet for a long time. Either because we have saved them for a long time or because the user has just accessed the network.

I don't have Google Play Store on my Android

The Gogle Play Store Android app is disabled

Another possible problem why you may not see the app store is that the app is on your smartphone, but you have disabled it by mistake.

If this is the case, you will simply have to do the following:

  1. We are going to Settings of the telephone.
  2. Click on Applications.
  3. Then we select All.
  4. On the button Disabled press.
  5. We select Google Play Store
  6. And we have left Enable.

Depending on the Android version you have, maybe the section All Be in different menus. And if you have the device in Spanish, it may happen that you have to click on Activate instead of Enable, depending on your version.

I don't have a Google Play Store on my Android

The Google Play Store has been uninstalled

In principle, this application cannot be uninstalled, but if your phone is root Yes, it may have been accidentally uninstalled. And in that case the solution is as simple as reinstalling it. To do this, it is important that you give your smartphone permission to install applications from unknown sources.

Subsequently, download and install the Play Store app, from the following link:

APK mirror is a web with countless Android applications, which can be downloaded safely.

The application did not come on the Android device

It may happen that you have a smartphone with an unofficial Android distribution. In this case, it is quite common that the Play Store does not come installed as standard. This happens mostly in Chinese mobiles. In this case, you will have no choice but to install it manually.

I don't have Google Play Store Android

To do this you will have to follow the same steps already indicated in the previous point. That is, install the app store from APK Mirror. But even if you have installed the Google app store from a platform not officialOnce you have it, you can download all your applications and games as usual without problems. Therefore, a mobile without Android Play Store, is not a problem to go crazy.

Android app stores alternatives to the Google Play Store

There are alternative app stores and they are very popular among Android users. Among them we can find Aptoid Y Mobomarket. We find others that are not entirely app stores like Uptown, but if we will find countless apps in APK format, to be able to install.

The situation of “Why I don’t have Google Play Store on my Android” has arrived. Have you had any of these problems and have you solved it? We invite you to tell us in the comments section.