How to «remove» the Notch from Pocophone F1 with Android 9 🎥 Video 🎬

How to Remove Notch Pocophone F1

Looking for how to remove Notch from Pocophone F1? The phones with Notch They have been one of the great novelties of 2018. And the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 It is one of the affordable mobile phones that feature this novelty.

But it is possible that, for whatever reason, you are not interested in using the Notch. Fortunately, you can hide the Notch in the Pocophone F1 with Android 9 if you wish. All this following the steps that we will explain in this post.

This tutorial is for the Pocophone and other Android phones.

🤷‍♂️ How to hide the notch in Pocophone F1 with Android 9

🤦 Hide Notch option has disappeared from Settings in Android 9

When you bought your smartphone with Android 8 as standard, you could find the option to hide the notch if you wanted it in the Settings menu. However, at the time these mobiles have been updated to Android 9 This option has disappeared. So we can no longer do it directly and natively.

Fortunately, this does not mean that we can no longer hide the notch of our Pocophone F1. What happens is that the phone is not a native function. Therefore, we will have to install an additional application on our device.

📲 Android app Nacho Notch hider, to remove Notch

Is about Nacho Notch – Notch hider, an app that you can find in the Google Play Store for free. This app’s main function is to hide the notch, just like you did before from the Settings menu.

This application is free, and only has Android 7 as a requirement for installation, so if we have Android 9 we will not have any problems.

Next we see how to remove the Notch from Pocophone F1 with Android 9. And the app can be downloaded on Google Play:

👉 How to remove Notch from Pocophone F1, with Android 9 (video)

So you don’t have problems, here is our video explaining the process:

Once the app is installed, we can see how in the top menu of Quick Settings that we find in our phone, a new option appears named Hide notch. The first time we click on it, we will have to give the necessary permits.

But later we will only have to press the button, every time we want the notch to disappear from our main screen.

🤷‍♂️ Why hide the Notch

The notch has been presented as one of the great innovations of the most advanced Android phones. In fact, it is an option that has been copied from the latest iPhone models. Therefore, many might think that it makes little sense to try to hide it.

However, there are times when it can be annoying to have a strange element on the screen. For example, when we want to take advantage of it to watch a movie or video.

On these occasions, or also when we use a game that requires a lot of dedication. Also when we want to make a good Photo. And this is to have the entire screen at our disposal, it can be a great advantage. Therefore, it is highly recommended that we learn to remove the notch when we need it.

How to hide Notch Pocophone F1 Android 9

Have you ever tried to hide or remove the notch from your Pocophone F1? Do you think the process is simple or has something tedious? A little further down you can find the comments section. There you will have space to share your impressions with other users.

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