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How to make a call forwarding on Android

Sometimes we are waiting for an important call and we fear that we are left with the mobile No battery. Or that we are with a call and is communicating.

Or for whatever reason, we are going to have a different phone than ours. The solution to these problems is simply to make a call forwarding. This implies that when they call us, our phone will not ring but another.

It is a little known option but very easy to carry out and that can get us out of trouble.

Activate call forwarding on your Android

What is a call forwarding?

The option of call forwarding It allows us to divert calls that reach us to another number. Either because we can’t or because we don’t want to answer on ours.

It is one of those Android functions that have been available for several versions, but few people know. In addition, you can configure it so that the diversion occurs always or only in the circumstances that we want.

Activate by code

There is a method to divert calls through a code. The process is fairly simple. All you have to do is, on the dial of your phone, dial ** Diversion code * phone number #. In the place where we see the diversion code we can add the following options:

  • 61. Divert the call when you don’t answer the phone.
  • 62. Divert when the phone is off or out of coverage.
  • 67. Divert when the phone is busy.
  • twenty-one. Divert all calls.

Activate via the Settings menu

A much simpler way to make call forwarding in Android, is from the phone itself. To do this we will have to enter the Settings menu. There we will have to choose the option Calls or Call Accounts (it will depend on your version of Android and your personalization layer.

In case you have a device with dual SIM, you will have to choose the card whose calls you want to divert.

Subsequently, we will have to select the option Call forwarding. At that time a menu will appear in which you can choose the following options:

  • Always divert
  • Divert when communicating.
  • Divert when not responding.
  • Divert when off or out of coverage.

In the next step, we will have to choose the number to which we want to divert calls. From there, when your phone rings it will do so in the number you have indicated.

Disable call forwarding on Android

If what you want is to deactivate call forwarding, you will have to follow the same process but in reverse. That is, we will have to re-enter the corresponding menu and, on this occasion, select the Disable option. This way, the calls will return to your phone.

Have you ever activated call forwarding on your smartphone? If you want, you can share your experiences in the comments section at the bottom of the page.