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How to hide apps on Android? Hide applications with Apex Launcher ?

How to hide apps on Android? Hide applications with Apex Launcher

Want to know how to hide Android apps? For some reason, you may not want any application that you have installed on your mobile phone to appear on the home screen or in the menus.

The problem is that Android has no native function for hide apps. Therefore, you will need to have a Android Launcher to be able to do it.

Today we are going to show you the steps to follow in order to hide the Android applications you want, with the help of Apex Launcher.

? Steps to hide Android apps and hide desktop apps

⏬ Download Apex Launcher

If you want to have some additional functions on your Android, it is usual to download a launcher or launcher. And Apex Launcher is one of the best options we can find in the Play Store.

It will not only allow you to hide apps easily, but also many other extra features.

For example, you can modify the phone icons to your liking or install animated wallpapers of the most attractive.

Hide applications with Apex Launcher

This launcher already has more than 10 million users all over the world. And although you can make purchases for additional features, its most basic version is completely free. If you want to follow the process to hide your applications, you will have to download it in the following link:

hide Android apps

?‍♂️ How to hide apps on Android with Apex Launcher

The process to hide Android applications with Apex Launcher is quite simple. But sometimes it can be a bit complicated to find the menu where this option is located. Therefore, we recommend that if you want to hide Android apps follow the steps indicated below:

  1. Open the Apex Launcher application.
  2. Enter the launcher settings.
  3. Access the Drawer Settings.
  4. Enter Hidden Applications.
  5. Mark the applications you want to hide.
  6. Close the Apex Launcher application.

If you want the apps to be visible again, you will have to do the same process and uncheck applications that you wish they were marked.

If you uninstall Apex Launcher, your hidden applications will cease to be.

☝ What is the difference between hiding and uninstalling an app?

When we uninstall an application, that app will disappear completely from our phone. We cannot, therefore, reuse it without downloading and reinstalling. However, when what we do is hide it, the application is still there. It does not appear on the home screen or in the application drawer, but it is still in the memory of our phone and we can activate it again as soon as we want.

hide Android apps

The most advisable thing is that you only hide the apps that you think you may have intentions of re-use in some future, and uninstall the ones you won’t use anymore. It is a way to optimize your Android and avoid being filled with ppas or games that you do not use.

Have you ever hidden an application that you had installed on your Android? Have you done it with the help of Apex Launcher or have you used any other method? We invite you to go through the comments section at the bottom of the page and tell us about your experiences.