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How to fix an Android mobile phone that has been frozen?

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fix an Android mobile phone that has been frozen

One of the great fears we can have regarding our mobile is that it stays frozen without more. We can think that it is something serious, which can cause us to have to get rid of the phone. But it is also possible that it is some small detail that is easily solved.

Next, we will explain some of the most common reasons why a mobile phone can get toasted. Also the solutions that you can carry out, before visiting a specialist technician.

Ways to repair a frozen mobile

Delete apps that may be giving problems

Have you noticed that your phone stays hung whenever you use any Android application specific? Then the solution may be as simple as uninstalling the app.

If it is an application that you used very often, the solution may simply go to find another one that has similar functions. But uninstalling is a way of discarding that the problem may be something internal to the phone.

fix an Android mobile phone that has been frozen

Charge your mobile

It may seem a bit absurd, but sometimes the problem for which the mobile phone is frozen is simply that has no battery. If it has been completely zeroed, most likely it will not start charging until it has been plugged in for a few minutes.

Therefore, you should wait a little before panicking. If it was a battery problem, the phone will start charging as soon as 5 to 10 minutes pass.

In case you do not start charging at the moment, it may also be advisable to try another charger. Because the problem could be there, that you have the defective charger or cable.

fix an Android mobile phone that has been frozen

Take out the battery

This method is not very useful today, since most smartphones have the built-in battery. But if yours is still one of those that has it removable, if it stays frozen we invite you to simply take it out.

This way the phone will start again without further complications.

Turn off the phone

Another method that usually works when the mobile is hung up is simply turn it off and on again. We recommend that you turn it off for a few seconds or even a few minutes before turning it on. Then turn it on and it may already be working properly.

fix an Android mobile phone that has been frozen

Do a forced restart

Soft reset or forced reset can also solve problems when a mobile phone is frozen. To do this, you simply have to press and hold the power button for a few seconds. Then the phone will restart and your problem may be solved. This is not going to erase anything, the normal reset does not erase absolutely anything.

Have you ever lost your frozen mobile phone? Have you managed to solve the problem with any of the methods indicated in this post? A little further down you will find the comments section, where you can share your experience with other Android phone users.