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How to connect your mobile or tablet to a projector

A projector It can be a very practical tool if we want to watch a video or enjoy a game on a wall or a big screen. And the vast majority of the models that we can find in recent years can be connected, in addition to the PC, to your Android mobile or tablet, which is especially comfortable.

If you want to know how to do it, we will tell you in this post some of the points that you should take into account when carrying it out.

Easily connect your projector to your mobile

What do you need?

The first thing you should know is what type of connections the projector you want to connect has at your disposal. In the event that you opt for a model with Bluetooth or WiFi, you will not need to have anything other than the device at your fingertips.

In the case that your projector works by cable, you will have to see what type of cable you need. Most of the models that we can find today use HDMIAlthough there are still some on the market that still work via VGA. Having the device, the mobile and the corresponding cable, it is normal that you do not need anything else to start projecting.

The cables to connect your smartphone are quite common, and you can find them in any store such as RS Components, where you can also find organizers so that having a lot of loose cable does not run into problems of any kind. The price is usually not very high, so you will not find problems in that regard.

Configure your smartphone

Depending on the model of mobile you have, it is possible that simply by connecting it to the projector you can start watching your videos on the screen calmly. But the most common is that you have to configure your smartphone or tablet so that instead of seeing the images through the screen, you can do it through the projector.

Although the process may vary depending on your mobile model, the most common is that you have to go to Settings> Display settings> Enable video output.

Do I need an application?

Normally, the non-wireless connection can be made without installing any additional applications on your device.

Yes, there are projector brands that have their own applications to make the process easier. Keep in mind that the more modern the projector we want to project, the more tools it will have to facilitate the process.

Have you ever connected your Android mobile to a projector? Did you have any difficulties about it? If you wish, you can share your experience with other users in the space dedicated to comments that you can find at the bottom of this article.