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How to clean a mobile phone, without damaging it (sensitive areas included)

With all the time we spend using the mobile, it logically ends up filling with dirt. But passing water or any liquid over such a sensitive device gives us all a little panic. Therefore, cleaning a mobile phone is a bit more complicated than we might think.

To avoid problems, we will explain four steps you can take, to leave your smartphone as new without any risk.

4 tips to clean your mobile phone

Clean the case well

You will hardly have a clean cell phone if the case stays dirty. Therefore, the first thing you have to clean when you are giving your device a face wash is protection. Fortunately, a case does not usually have difficulty passing it through the water.

If it is plastic, you can directly put it under the tap. If it is metallic or glass, you can pass a wet cloth, but you will have to be a little more careful.

The biggest problem is when we have a leather case. In that case you should look for a specialized product for this type of material in case you want to clean it properly. Take special care with the dust that accumulates between the phone and the case.

Wipe the phone

For obvious reasons, we can’t put our phone under the tap. Water resistant phones will have no problem in this regard. Therefore, the first thing we have to do to clean it, is to wipe it over. With this cloth we will eliminate the dirt that usually accumulates in the part that does not cover the cover.

The most common is that the dust accumulates in the chamber or the fingerprint reader. In case the dirt is very embedded, we can wet the cloth a little. But the rag at most can be wet, not completely wet.

Clean the holes with a toothbrush

In the holes of the phone such as the headphone jack or the USB, it is where dust is usually accumulated that is more difficult to remove. This happens especially in those holes that we don’t use much. And how can we clean the inside of those holes?

Well, the easiest way to do it is with a toothbrush. If there is any fluff that has leaked inside, we also have the option of removing it with tweezers.

Suede passes the screen

To clean the screen of our device, it is best to use a suede with which we usually use to clean the glasses. It is practically the only way to make it perfect, without having to use water or any product that could cause a problem.

There are products that are sold with the idea of ​​being suitable for cleaning the phone screens. But the reality is that, if your device has a layer of protection against finger grease, these products can be eliminated little by little. So watch out for this.

If you want to tell us what you do to perfectly clean your mobile phone, you can do it in the comments section, at the bottom of the page.