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How to call with hidden number on Android?

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call with hidden number private number

Mobile phones are good for many things and calling is one of them. But most people have reason to make a call with the hidden or private number. One reason is that the recipient don’t know our identity when calling it.

In addition, we can prevent some companies from taking our number. Either to offer us advertising or offers that are a nuisance for our precious time. We must also emphasize that calling with a hidden number is easier than it seems. Here we will show you the methods that exist.

Most likely, you don’t know, but we have the solution at your fingertips and it’s totally easy to do. The first way to do this is through the settings of our mobile. Thus, no one will recognize our number.

The second way is through a code that we are going to enter, before the number we want to call. And the last one is by contacting the operator of your telephone company directly. This is to hide your number, although it will most likely cost you money.

How to call with hidden or private number on Android?

Next we will present several ways to hide your number on Android.

Hidden number in settings

We have to follow a series of steps to hide the number. That depends on the device and the Android version you have

call with hidden number private number

Through the call application you can modify this section from there or by entering the settings.

  • You have to click on the phone icon as if you were going to call any friend.
  • You must click on the menu icon that is located in the upper right. Then press on hide number. In case it doesn’t appear, you should go to the phone settings.
  • You have to press on the additional settings.
  • And then, you must click on the Issuer ID To choose hide number.

Once we have finished the steps, the number will be hidden for all calls we make. And remember that it will not appear again until we deactivate the option.

Hide the number with a code

You can hide the number by writing a code in front of the number you are going to call. It should be noted that this code may depend on the country where you are.

call with hidden number

For example, it is Spain it’s # 31 # and in Argentina is the code * 31 #. Although sometimes, operators cancel this service for security reasons and it may not work for you.

Private number, communicating with the operator

The operators have the ability to assign you a «private number», but they will obviously charge for it. And most likely, you have to go through several requirements before they can hide it.

call with hidden number

Ultimately we recommend that you do not use this option, because they will ask you many questions that you probably do not want to answer.

For us these are the 3 effective ways to call with hidden number or private number. Remember that all are very easy to do and you will not have any inconvenience. On the other hand, you can also block calls from a certain contact. It is very effective when someone constantly bothers us with your calls.