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How to backup Huawei phones with HiSuite?

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backup on Huawei phones with HiSuite

Do you need to make a backup of your Huawei phone? Everyone should occasionally make a backup copy of the information we carry on our mobile phone. Today we have such a large amount of personal data, it would be a shame to lose them.

And if you have a Huawei mobile phone, it is interesting that you know that you have a tool to do it quickly. Is about HiSuite, a program to copy Huawei data to the computer in a simple way.

How to backup Huawei mobile phones with HiSuite?

First, download and install HiSuite

This tool is intended to make a backup copy of the files you have on your mobile on the PC. Therefore, the first thing you will have to do is install it on your computer.

It is a completely free tool, and you should not have any problem to use it even if your PC is rather old.

In addition to the program itself, you also need to install the drivers that will allow you to connect the mobile phone to the computer.

backup on Huawei phones with HiSuite

You can download both files from the following link:

Steps to make Huawei backup to computer / PC

We have already installed the drivers and Hisuite program itself. Now the steps you will have to follow to make your Huawei backup will be the following:

  1. Connect your phone to the PC using the USB cable.
  2. Open the Huawei HiSuite program.
  3. The program must have recognized the phone automatically, and a drawing will appear on the left.
  4. Press the Backup button and wait a few seconds to read all the information available on the mobile.
  5. On the next screen, choose the folder in which you want the backup to be made.
  6. Press Select All or choose the files you want to copy from.
  7. On the next screen you can choose Encrypt with password if you want to protect your backup with a password.
  8. Click on Backup to start the process.
  9. Wait for the backup to complete and press the Done button to finish.

backup on Huawei phones with HiSuite

Why it is important to make backup copies

Today we have practically all our lives on mobile. Our photos, our documents. And at any moment we can lose everything.

We may lose our cell phone, steal it, or simply break it and not have access to it. Therefore, it is highly recommended that we have another copy of all our data. Only then can we make sure that whatever happens, our information will be safe.

backup on Huawei phones with HiSuite

Have you ever used HiSuite to back up your Huawei mobile phone? What other methods do you use to keep your data safe?

We invite you to go through our comments section at the bottom of the page. There you tell us how you make the backup copies of your mobile information.