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how to activate the backup of your WhatsApp photos

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In order not to overload Internet use during the pandemic, a couple of months ago Google Photos stopped automatically uploading photos sent to us via the cloud to the cloud. WhatsApp and by other instant messaging tools. But the reality is that this is an option that was very useful for some users. Therefore, you can reactivate it anytime you want. In this post we will show you the steps to follow to have your backup copy of your photos again.

How to Backup Your WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos

Steps to follow

  1. Enter the application Google Photos
  2. Go to the Library section, which you will find at the bottom
  3. Click on the Utilities tab
  4. In the Import Photos section, select Copy device folders
  5. Select WhatsApp Images
  6. Check the top option in which it says Create backup and synchronize

Once you have carried out all these steps, the photos that are sent to you by WhatsApp will be uploaded to Google Photos automatically. And in the event that, in addition to the photos, you also want to have a backup copy of your videos, it will be necessary to repeat the process, but this time choosing the WhatsApp Videos folder.

Other affected apps

WhatsApp has not been the only messaging application for which Google Photos has stopped backing up by default. In fact, Google’s decision has affected virtually all instant messaging applications, or at least the most popular ones. The tools that do not upload your photos automatically are the following:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Viver
  • Messages
  • Messenger
  • LINE
  • Helo

In the event that you want some of these applications to be done backup, you will have to repeat the steps that we have indicated previously. Simply, instead of WhatsApp Images you will have to choose the folder corresponding to the app.

Advantages of having backup in Google Photos

The main advantage of having your photos automatically uploaded to Google Photos is that, by having a backup copy, you ensure that not lose them in any moment.

In addition, you can access them from any device. Therefore, if they send you a photo to your mobile but later you want to enjoy it on your tablet or computer, the photographic service will allow you to access them easily.

Do you upload your WhatsApp photos automatically to Google Photos? Do you think it is a useful function, or do you think it is not necessary? A little further down you can find our comments section, where you can give us your opinion about it.