OSOTEK H200 Lite, review and benefits

OSOTEK H200 Lite dry and wet vacuuming

OSOTEK H200 Lite dry and wet vacuuming

Today is cleaning day. One of the least favorite household chores, even though it is as necessary as all the others. But when it comes to cleaning, what better way to do it than with one of the most powerful and best-designed gadgets on the market, right? Today we bring you the OSOTEK H200 Lite, the vacuum cleaner you need to clean your home.

We have been able to see and test many autonomous, programmable and intelligent vacuum cleaners. But if you are one of those who prefers to personally take care of the cleaning without leaving anything to chance, the OSOTEK H200 Lite It will make your work much easier, also offering excellent results. 

OSOTEK H200 Lite, power and control

The firm OSOTEK, was founded in 2019, and since its foundation it has focused on research and development of smart home cleaning equipment. Since its creation, they have obtained 392 patents related to cleaning accessories. They have also managed to win various awards and recognitions. If you want to have a really clean house, you can now get the OSOTEK H200 Lite the best price.

OSOTEK H200 Lite fully stretched

Domestic cleaning is important for our home to be pleasant. So that we don't have to obsess over cleaning, or that it doesn't take up more time than is strictly necessary, Having the right tools is essential.. The vacuum cleaner OSOTEK H200 Lite will help us to make everything clean with the least possible effort.

We are facing a vacuum cleaner perfect for controlling and operating using one hand. And what does it have? Enough power so we can use it anywhere in the house or for our car. We have seen vacuum cleaners that offer a huge number of accessories for cleaning. And it usually happens that the vast majority of them remain unused and are even lost. In this case we find well thought out and really useful accessories.

OSOTEK H200 Lite Unboxing

Es time to take a look inside the box of the H200 Lite to tell you everything we found inside. Comment that the box where it comes is quite large, and says a lot about the size of the vacuum cleaner itself, which although large and broad headAs we have said, we can handle it perfectly with one hand without effort.

OSOTEK H200 Lite unboxing and accessories

We have a small brush type tool, to be able to clean the inside of the tanks when they are emptied. And at its end, unscrewing, it has a small "razor" To be able to remove fluff and dirt, the brush of the vacuum cleaner itself. 

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On the other hand we have the charging base, where the brush self-cleaning also takes place when we select the indicated program. It is not a small accessory, a square of black plastic for which we will have to find a good place to "park" and connect the cable to charge the vacuum cleaner. 

We found two different deposits that arrive placed in the body of the vacuum cleaner, one for clean water and cleaning products, and another slightly smaller one for dirty water and garbage. One is located in the front, as well as the another one in the back, and both can be easily removed by pressing a button.

OSOTEK H200 Lite dirty water tank

Comment that We did not find any extra brushes or small “removable” accessories. for different surfaces. To complete the unboxing, OSOTEK includes a small bottle with cleaning product of the firm itself. And finally, the user and installation manual and documentation for the guarantee.

Design and ergonomics of the OSOTEK H200 Lite

We look at the body of the H200 Lite, a vacuum cleaner that not small in size, but which is designed to be able to be used easily and effortlessly with one hand. It has a ergonomic handle with two buttons at the top, one of them to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off.

OSOTEK H200 Lite as and physical buttons

At the bottom of the handle, the body of the vacuum cleaner widens considerably. At the top, where the aluminum pole of the handle fits, there is a led screen where we can see the selected cleaning type, or the battery level with which we have We can select only vacuuming, or vacuuming with scrubbing through the button on the handle.

OSOTEK H200 Lite LED Display

We found two deposits, one for him 750 ml clean water, where we can also add some cleaning product. And another deposit with a capacity of 640 ml where the vacuumed dirt will end up and dirty water. Both tanks are easily removable. If you need a cleaning tool, the OSOTEK H200 Lite  It is what you were looking for, now with an extra discount code.

OSOTEK H200 Lite dirty water tank

In the part that goes to the ground is located the suction mouth and a thick cloth roller that will be used for wet scrubbing type cleaning. The roller is easily removed from the side, but it will not be necessary to do so to clean it. The OSOTEK H200 Lite features a automatic cleaning function that we can select when it is at its charging station. Definitely something really comfortable.

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OSOTEK H200 Lite Mop Brush

OSOTEK H200 Lite Features

One of the comforts that the OSOTEK H200 Lite presents is that, as we have repeated several times, despite being a large and heavy vacuum cleaner, we can use it effortlessly with one hand. The wheels of it, the roller, and The suction power makes it move on its own without having to push. Although it may cost us a little more if we pull the vacuum cleaner in the opposite direction. 

Whenever we look at a vacuum cleaner, the most important detail is usually the suction power. The OSOTEK H200 Lite features a 160W power y 12.500 Pa suction, far above other vacuum cleaners in the same price range. AND Its engine reaches up to 102000 revolutions per minute. 

OSOTEK H200 Lite 180m degrees

Another point to take into account when purchasing a cleaning tool of this type is the autonomy it can offer us. The OSOTEK H200 Lite has a 6300 mAh battery, which are able to offer up to 30 hours of continuous use. Battery life will depend a bit on the suction power and mode used, but should be sufficient for a "normal" home.

OSOTEK H200 Lite Specifications Table

OSOTEK H200 Lite with one hand



Model, H200 Lite

Power, 160W

Suction, 12500 Pa

Engine speed, 102000 rpm

Led screen

Noise level, 78 dBA

Self cleaning, YES

Clean tank capacity, 750 ml

Dirty tank capacity, 640 ml

Autonomy, up to 30 minutes

Removable battery, NO

Total weight, 6.3 kg

Dimensions, 325 x 290 x 785 mm

Original price, €399.99

Price with coupon, €299

Extra discount code, H200LTTODO

Final price, €247.99

purchase link, OSOTEK H200 Lite 

[/ Table]

Pros and cons


Perfectly manageable with one hand.

Different modes of wet or dry cleaning.

Autonomy of up to half an hour of use.

The price with the code H200LTTODO makes it even more interesting.



It is a bit heavy if we pull it in the opposite direction.

Less quiet than other models.


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