5 Applications To Save Files In The Cloud For Free

For those looking for a highly secure and popular free cloud storage app. In this article, we will introduce in detail point by point from what are the features to know before downloading this type of app, to see the recommended cloud storage applications.

I will explain the Best Apps safe and easy to use, so if you are looking for something like that, take advantage of this information.

How to Choose an Application to Save Files in the Cloud?

Hen/Stag cloud storage applications They are gaining more and more popularity as they are super useful for saving files, sharing images, video, music, etc. And they are also private, excellent for not having to completely use the storage of your cell phone.

However, many times there are so many options that we do not know which one to choose depending on what we need.

So before starting I will recommend that you follow certain recommendations before choosing your download app.

  1. Choose an application that allows you to save the files that you want to save, be it photos, videos, music, text, etc. There are applications that only allow one type of file, so it is important to verify which ones you need to upload in order to choose the appropriate application.
  2. Choose an app that allows you to share files directly within the app. This is functional when you choose a storage app that most people use. So sharing files will be much easier for you.
  3. Check the storage capacity they give you for free in this application. The higher capacity, the better, all storage applications have some free capacity, if you exceed that you will have to pay for more capacity.

This point is important if you are going to use it personally or for work, since if it is for personal use, it is likely that you will not need too much storage depending on what you are going to store.

5 Recommended and Popular Apps to Upload Files to the Cloud for Free

There are many that are very popular, you will find many in the application store and it will depend on what you want to use one or the other.

Check the information of each one to suit your needs.

Google Photos – Free Application to save Images in the Cloud

This multifunctional application specializes in image and video storage, its use is really simple and the file upload can be configured to be automatic.

Use a large capacity up to 15GB totally free, excellent for personal use or also for work.

This application will automatically save the photos and videos of your previously configured cell phone. It will also give you the possibility to delete the photos and videos of your cell phone that are already saved in the cloud.

As if that were not enough, this app gives us a large number of tools, such as image editing, creating folders, sharing files, creating a collage of images and much more.

the work you have done Google with this app It is amazing, without a doubt it is one of the applications that you should have yes or yes on your cell phone.

Google Drive – Store Any Type Of File In The Cloud For Free

We continue with another Google application on this list, and that is that Google gives us excellent tools to improve the features of our cell phone on a day-to-day basis.

It can be downloaded from any cell phone regardless of whether it is Android, IOS etc.

It also gives us a lot of features, such as the editing uploaded files even without internet connection.

This application gives us up to 15GB of free cloud storage, the same as Google photos, once that limit is reached you will have to pay for more capacity. One of the great advantages that Google storage applications give us is their high security, so you don't have to worry about file theft or hacking.

Microsoft OneDrive – Powerful Tool To Store And Share Files Free In The Cloud

Mircosoft approaches us with an excellent application for store any type of files in the cloud.

This smart application allows us to manipulate any file from any device. If we upload it from the cell phone we can edit it from our Tablet, laptop or other cell phone that are connected to your same Microsoft account.

You can also share and edit images, videos, etc.. with family, friends, co-workers or whoever you want.

It offers us a strong security system through encryption so no one can access your account without your permission.

You can link this application with different Microsoft tools and applications to make the use of your files, images, videos, etc. more productive.

DropBox – Huge Popularity And Track Record For Storing Files

One of the most used applications for storage, to share files and for work groups is Dropbox, this is because this app has a large number of unique, simple and easy-to-use features for the user.

Once this app is installed on your cell phone, you can connect it to your laptop, tablet, etc. This way you can view, download and edit the files you have on your cell phone, computer or tablet on another device.

It comes with a high free storage capacity, a capacity that is always in constant change, but that is equally excellent whether you are going to have it for personal use or for work.

The interface of this tool is highly intuitive, it is a simple design that makes use easy for everyone. And if you're worried about security, believe me you're in good hands, this application has been on the market for many years, used by millions of people, its security is constantly updated, so you won't have any problems.

Mega – Cloud Storage With Permanent And Secure Privacy

This company has been in the market for many years, since we realized that every time we have less storage capacity on our devices this tool exists. Before it was a digital platform, it has gone through several processes and now it is a very solid and secure application.

It has great features and a free storage capacity tall and safe enough for personal use or work.

One of the features that MEGA gives us is the use of a chat where we can share our files and chat with anyone, an excellent feature that makes our work much easier.

And if it was not enough you can make calls and video calls, the use of these features through this tool is mostly for work, so make the most of it.

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