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Why is it so important the two-step authentication

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For the vast majority of applications that we have installed on our smartphone, we need a username and password. And if remembering them all can be annoying, install the two-step authentication it can be really tedious. However, it is highly recommended to maintain the security of all our accounts. In this post we are going to explain its function and its importance so that you have maximum security at your disposal.

Importance of two-step authentication

How does it work

Most applications that allow two-step authentication what they do is ask us for a mobile number. The moment we enter our username and password on any device to log in, a code will be sent to that number, which will be essential for you to log in correctly.

In this way, access to your accounts will be much more secure. And it is not enough for someone who wants to impersonate you to get access to your passwords, but it will also be necessary that it can be done with your mobile, which is obviously more complicated.

In the latest smartphone models, two-step authentication is often carried out using the card reader. fingerprint or, even on high-end mobiles, with the retina reader. This is probably the safest way to protect your accounts, since this way absolutely no one other than you will have the option to access your content.

Because it is important

The normal thing is that, when we put a username and password to access a certain service, we do not have problems. But many times the different services face security issues, in which the passwords are exposed. And that’s when relying solely on those passwords can become a problem.

But in the event that you have two-step authentication activated that another person can access your password, it will not be enough for them to access your content. Therefore, the process of trying hack you it will be much more complicated. Therefore, if you want to have everything under control, it is highly recommended that you adopt this process, although it may be uncomfortable.

Of course, even if you have two-step verification active, it is still important that you have one strong password. The idea is that you gain in security, not that you neglect one of the tools that you already have simply because you have another at your disposal.

Have you ever used two-step authentication in any of your applications? Do you think it is important or until now you have not given it too much credibility? You can tell us about your experiences in the comments section at the bottom of the page.