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▷ Who looks at my WhatsApp profile? ? How to know on Android?

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Who looks at my WhatsApp profile

Sometimes we wonder Who looks at my WhatsApp profile? It is no secret to anyone that WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application. Millions are the users you have around the world. A large part of us wonders, if there is a way to see who is looking at our profile and how they might know.

We can see the stories of other users, the profile picture and with the latest updates, to verify if they have read our message. There are many tricks and techniques for WhatsApp, but there is none that really works to know for sure who looks at our profile. Therefore, there are many pages that all they preach are false promises.

How to know who looks at my WhatsApp profile?

There are many searches that are displayed on Google, to know specifically who looks at our WhatsApp profile. But for now, the messaging application It does not yet have a function that can provide this information. People can look at our profile, without us knowing who and when they have done it. However, there is an application on Google Play, which many suggest can help us with this.

Profile Tracker for WhatsApp

There are several applications that promise to provide us with the information we want so much. But the most talked about among users is «Profile Tracker for WhatsApp». They ensure that it works well and that the application can generate success in its results.

Profile Tracker for WhatsApp

Profile Tracker for WhatsApp is based on calculations, through the data it collects. Throwing possible results of a certain person from time to time, check our profile. Although taking into account that it is a margin of calculations, it can give us errors. However, many users ensure that the information they provide is true.

The application is only available, for mobile phones that have Android systems. Its biggest disadvantage is the amount of ads it brings. But if we are so curious, to know “who looks at my WhatsApp profile”, this would be the least important. So we could take risks with this promising option.

whatsapp profile

Other applications to know who looks at my WhatsApp profile

Other applications similar to Profile Tracker for WhatsApp such as Whats Tracker are also found. Although its use is very similar, it warns who has zoomed in to our photo. These applications have some configuration options, which ‘’ serve as security filters ’’.

Another alternative with which we can try would be with WhatsApp Plus an unofficial WhatsApp MOD. Be MOD if you have integrated the function of showing us who sees our WhatsApp profile, only that it is disabled by default. But not only has this, it is also possible to hide the ‘’online’’ And change the interface with customization themes. It should be noted that its installation is somewhat complicated, but not difficult to perform.

As we mentioned, many pages often scammed with their false information. That is why we want to emphasize that we must be very careful with what we look for or download on the Internet. We can find pages that generate malware or just want to steal our personal data, through the web.

Google Play is a store that strives to have Android apps free of viruses and malware. But it would not be the first time some malicious apps slip into it.

If you have ever tried any of these apps, leave your comment below.