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Where to get images for WhatsApp statuses

States of WhatsApp they have practically become one more social network. Many users use them to share their personal photos or to tell what they have done through text messages. But we don’t always come up with brilliant ideas to update our status. And in those moments it never hurts to find a little inspiration. In this post we will give you some ideas to make your statuses as interesting as possible.

Ideas to update your WhatsApp statuses

Interesting phrases

At first the statuses could only be updated with phrases or emoticons. And there are many users who have already acquired this habit. But sometimes it is difficult for us to come up with ideas for it. For this reason, there are websites where we can find an interesting selection of phrases to wasap statuses.

There you can find both philosophical phrases and messages of love or friendship that you can dedicate to anyone you have in your contacts.

Personal photos

Another interesting option may be to use the WhatsApp statuses as if they were the stories of Instagram. That is, use them to display your personal photos. In this way, your friends and family will be able to know what you have done throughout the day or where you have been on vacation. Of course, be careful, because unless you have changed the configuration, everyone who has your number will see it.

Funny pictures and memes

A quite fun option to update your WhatsApp statuses can be to resort to acquaintances memes or humorous images. Surely you have a great variety of them saved on your smartphone because someone has sent them to you. Social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter, are also an interesting source of inspiration for finding jokes. And if you are inspired you can always resort to even the possibility of designing your own memes.

Images with motivational photos

As we have commented previously, phrases are one of the great classics of the WhatsApp statuses since they were created.

But there is a possibility that those phrases do not necessarily have to come in text form. On the web it is possible to find a wide variety of images in which we can read phrases that can cheer us up our day or motivate us to fight for our dreams. From the Mr Wonderful classics to the hundreds of “substitutes” that have appeared in recent years, we can find a wide variety of motivational phrases at your disposal.

What do you usually put in your WhatsApp statuses? Which of these options do you find the most interesting? At the bottom of this article you can find our comments section, where you will find a space to share your experiences.