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▷ What is it and how to disable Talkback on Android phones? ?‍♂️

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disable Talkback on Android phones

Do you need to disable Talkback because your Android phone has suddenly started talking to you? Don’t worry, you haven’t gone crazy. What you have accidentally done is activate Talkback. It is an operating system tool for Google designed to help people with vision problems.

And even if you are not too clear about how you have activated it, turning off Android Talkback again and getting your phone back to normal, it is a fairly simple process.

How to disable Android Talkback?

What is talkback?

Talkback is the screen reader of the Android system. What it offers is the possibility of receiving voice messages, with all the letters that appear on the screen. In this way, people who have trouble seeing, can use their Android phone without special adaptations.

It is, therefore, a very important advance for people with visual disabilities. And now they can access information of all kinds, more directly.

disable Android talkback

The only problem we can find with this function is that it’s very easy for us to activate it accidentally.

Therefore, we will get a little scare to see that suddenly our smartphone begins to read everything on the screen. But, fortunately, it is a problem of easy solution.

turn off Android talkback

Disable Talkback using buttons

The fastest and easiest way to activate and deactivate this function whenever we want, is through the buttons. To do this, we simply have to press the two volume buttons at the same time, for at least 3 seconds.

This is a common method regardless of the brand of Android mobile you have. In this way, only in a few seconds you will have solved the problem of the mobile reading the entire screen.

The bad thing is that this method is so simple, that it is easy to do the process unintentionally. Probably yes Talkback you have been accidentally activated, it was by this same means.

disable android talkback

Disable and turn off Android Talkback via menus

Another way to turn off Talkback is through the Settings menu. It may be a possibility that takes a few more seconds, but it is also a bit more intuitive. And, even if you have no idea how to deactivate the option, browsing the menus a bit, it is easy to hit the key.

But so that it is not necessary that you are circling, we explain below the steps you should follow:

  1. Enter the Phone Settings.
  2. Open the Accessibility> Talkback section.
  3. Disable the Talkback option.

Have you ever activated Talkback unintentionally? What method have you used to disable Talkback Android? Do you think it is an interesting function for people with vision problems?

A little further down you will find the comments section where you can give us your opinion when turning off Talkback.