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? What is Google Pacman? the Doodle kite that triumphs the most

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Google Pacman Doodle

Do you know what is the Google Doodle Pacman? Google Doodle is widely used by users who frequent the web browser. Whether to search for information, watch videos or to do anything they can think of. Google Pacman It is a game that has several years on the platform. But thousands of users still frequent the Doodle to play some games. And it is that as we know, it is very addictive.

We have to look back, exactly until the May 21, 1980. Surely you will remember that it was the release date of Pacman. This game has become an icon and although many versions come out, the original is still the one that attracts users the most.

? Google Doodle Pacman

Google Pacman was an invention that was conceived by the company of the great G. And the first time it was published was on May 21, 2010 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the famous video game. In itself, the game is about a kite being chased by ghosts of different colors. It should be noted that at the end of Pacman’s 30th anniversary day, Google removed the Doodle.

But you can still access as we will indicate at the end of the post. The good thing is that you can play it from a PC, smartphone or from a tablet. So use a different browser to Google Chrome.

what is Google Pacman Doodle

Google Pacman what is it? the Doodle that triumphs the most

Like the mythical snake game, he eats coconuts is still the classic among the classics. Next we will indicate the simple steps that will lead us to play Google Doodle Pacman.

So you can play Google Doodle Pacman

You probably thought about accessing Google Pacman typing in the browser «Google Pac man». And the truth is that this is a way in which we can access the wonderful game offered by the well-known search engine. Once we have written it, we will see a small banner in the upper area. This teaches us the name of the labyrinth of Pacman.

Obviously if we click on it, we access the game immediately. And start eating balls, kill ghosts and collect all the fruits that are scattered around the map. Retro 80’s fun !!

Google Doodle Pacman

Although you should keep in mind that Google Pacman It only offers you 3 lives to complete the map. And the truth is that it is not so difficult. Once you manage to pass the map, you will reappear on it, but the points will accumulate to get your own personal record. Everything as in the little machine of recreational of yesteryear.

On the other hand, if you run out of lives, you have to leave the game and you have to start over. In those wonderful years of recreational machines, it was time to throw another coin.

It is ideal for when we are bored doing nothing and want to go back to those years.

If you don’t want to do the search, we leave you the direct link to enjoy Google Pacman. It should be noted that it is a completely free game. And it works in almost all browsers (Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari and obviously in Chrome). If you want other games in the form of Doodle, Google may already have them in their corners.