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We teach you how to use it on your Android mobile

Use the Electronic ID It can sometimes be a real nightmare. Luckily, the procedures are gradually being facilitated.

And if you have the latest model, that is, the DNI 3.0, you can use your Android phone as a card reader.

All you need is a mobile that has NFC technology.

Using the electronic ID from the mobile phone is possible

NFC connection

The electronic ID has a very special novelty. And it has both the traditional chip and one that allows us to do it wirelessly. It is a chip compatible with NFC technology, which today we find in virtually any mobile that is not too old.

Therefore, if we have renewed the DNI recently (and we have therefore the latest model) and we have a mobile with NFC, we will not need to have a card reader to use it.

Simply by bringing it to our smartphone we can perform all the procedures we need in a simple way.

Necessary software

The only thing we will need, in addition to the next-generation electronic ID and the mobile phone with NFC, is the software necessary. To do this, we will have both to install an application on our mobile phone and have the necessary program on the PC. We can download the app in the following link:

For its part, on the computer we will also have to install the corresponding software. We can install the program from the link indicated below:

Configuration of the electronic ID in the mobile

Once we have both applications installed, it is time to configure our smartphone so that we can use our mobile as an electronic ID reader. To do this, the first thing we will have to do is open and run the program that we have installed in the PC.

We have two options when connecting. We can do it using a USB cable that connects the mobile with the computer or do it through WiFi.

This second option is usually more comfortable and simple. However, it is important that we keep in mind that we should never do it from a public or unsecured WiFi. That someone can have access to our electronic identity certificate can cause us significant problems.

Once we have selected the WiFi option, we will only have to scan, from the installed app, the QR code that will appear on the screen of our computer.

When we have finished this whole process, we will be ready to start using our mobile as a card reader. Now the only thing we will have when we want to do paperwork with our electronic ID is bring the card to the mobile, without the need for additional devices.

If you have tried this process and want to discuss it with us, you can do it in the comments section that you will find at the bottom of this article.

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