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Tips to customize your Android mobile or cell phone 2019

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customize mobile

Are you looking for how to customize your mobile in this 2019? We would all like our Android mobile to adapt exactly to our liking. At the hardware and software level, our greatest power of choice has to do with choosing one model or another when buying it.

But, once we have it, we can fully customize it to our preferences. Android has a lot of options that we can modify, so that our mobile adapts to our personality and our tastes.

Steps you can take to personalize your mobile in 2019

Customize your mobile phone with original wallpapers

He wallpaper Your mobile phone says a lot about you. You can put as background the image you want. There are people who choose to use personal photos, other photographs of family and friends. You have it in the memory of your smartphone or in Google Photos, you just have to choose the option of Use as wallpaper to use it.

But it is also possible that instead of a photo of you, you prefer a more striking image. To do this, you just have to do a simple search on the web and find a lot of images, like these wallpapers for Android

We are sure that you will find one that suits what is cool.

customize your mobile 2019


In the Sounds or Ringtone section, your smartphone settings can change the ringtone or notification. All phones come with several serial options so you can choose the one that catches your attention.

But you can also use as a ringtone any song you have stored on your mobile. In the Play Store it is also possible to find apps that offer you a wide variety of sounds for all tastes.

customize mobile phone 2019

Notifications LED

Most mobile phones today have the led of notifications, a light that illuminates whenever you have a pending notification. What many do not know is that this LED can be customized so that the light is the color you want.

On some phones you can modify it directly from the Settings menu. In others, however, you will have to download an additional app to be able to put it as you like it.

customize android phone 2019

Desktop icons to customize your mobile

There are some brands, such as Huawei, that allow you to use themes. These themes usually allow you the option to change the aesthetics of icons of the applications. But if your mobile does not allow it, you can solve it by installing a launcher.

Once you have the launcher installed, you can find in the Play Store a wide variety of icon packs that will make the apps you have installed, completely according to your taste.

And you? How have you customized your Android mobile? Or are you one of those who leave it forever just as they took it out of the box?

We invite you to go through the comments section that you will find at the bottom of this article and tell us your impressions about the customization options.