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Tips for day to day with your mobile: password protection

Have a password It is basic so that your smartphone is fully protected. But there are still many users who do not have any type of blocking, or who have an insecure and easy to find password.

In today’s advice, we will review the password options, to find the one that best suits your needs. All this in the case that you prefer to block by fingerprint, facial recognition or PIN.

A robust password, vital to protect you

The importance of protecting the mobile

The mobiles we have today, often have different ways of blocking. The fingerprint reader and even facial recognition have already reached numerous mid-range smartphones. But a password is still necessary.

For example, when we turn off and then turn on the mobile we are required. Therefore, even if we have additional means of protection, it is important that we be careful with the password.

And why is it so important to have a password? Because without it anyone who picks up our smartphone can access all our data.

Something that can be a real problem. Taking into account that today we have all our life on mobile, lose our privacy It can be a serious problem.

Tips for a secure password

But sometimes it is not enough for such a password to “exist.” If the key we have is not secure enough, the problem will remain the same. Therefore, we will have to be careful with some small aspects.

First, with the key itself. It is not recommended under any circumstances that we use our name or date of birth as a password. Nor the name of any of our loved ones. It is best that we use a random combination of numbers and letters, which is difficult for other people to find out.

Another crucial point is that you do not write the password anywhere. Nor give it to anyone with whom you don’t have full confidence. Many of the problems of Privacy that smartphone users have come up simply because we gave our keys to someone thinking we could trust. An interesting trick, which you may know, but we will tell you here, is that to have a secure password, add a ñ.

Passwords for all mobile services

You also have to be careful when logging in with your Google account on a device that is not yours. Anyone who accesses later could find your data.

Another aspect to be careful with is phishing. No serious company would ask for your password by email. If they do, it is probably a hacker.

Finally, it is also important that you change the password periodically. This can be a bit annoying, but it is the best way to make sure that nobody can access your data in any way. In addition, it is also not recommended to have the same password on different devices.

Do you consider all these points when it comes to protecting your smartphone? We invite you to share your impressions in the comments section at the bottom of the page.