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This trick allows you to play YouTube videos in the background

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This trick allows you to play YouTube videos in the background

Have you ever wanted to play YouTube videos in the background without settling for third-party apps?

Well there is a simple way to do it: with the help of the media player VLC. Many of you may be aware of this trick, but for those of you who don’t, this is how you do it.

Before starting, make sure you have VLC Media Player installed on your phone.

Open YouTube and play a video that you want to listen to in the background. On the video playback page, you will find a Share button. Touch it and choose «Play with VLC» in the share tab.

youtube vlc hack 1

Now the VLC media player will open on your phone and the video you chose will play in VLC. This is where the trick lies. Touch the Options button (three horizontal dots in the lower right corner) and choose «Play as audio» as you can see in the image below.

youtube vlc hack 2

Now the audio will play in the background. It’s worth noting that playback will continue even if you turn off the screen or lock the phone. Cool huh?

I know this is not the most convenient method to play YouTube videos in the background. However, if you are someone who does not like to install more applications for the same purpose, this trick can be useful, especially when listening to long videos.

Unfortunately, this trick will not allow you to import YouTube playlists and therefore you will have to choose the videos one by one. If you are looking for more sophisticated methods to play YouTube videos, please leave a comment below.