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The new Google Photos feature

In recent days, Google is testing some new features in its applications, currently exclusive to Pixel phones.

And one of them is directly related to Google Photos. It’s about the option Blur Background, which will allow you to have almost perfect photos.

It is an editing option that allows you to blur the background of your images, so that any of them becomes portrait mode.

You can now blur the background in Google Photos

Only for Pixel mobiles

Until now, Google Photos allowed us to make this editing adjustment with photos that had been taken with portrait mode.

But, in the case that we had taken a photo with any other camera mode, this function was lost. However, now you can convert any image that you have stored in one of your digital albums to portrait mode. And the reality is that the result is quite interesting.

Of course, keep in mind that the Blur Background function is only available for mobile phones Pixel. If you have another make or model, you will not be able to use it.

At least for now, because most of the features that Google tests on its own smartphones end up reaching all Android phones. But right now you can only enjoy this function if you have a Pixel and it is fully updated.

Photo Requirements

Also keep in mind that the Blur Background button will not appear on all photos. In photos in which people do not appear this option will not be available. But we won’t be able to find it in all of them either.

If the photo is full-length or the face does not appear well framed, we cannot do it either. We must bear in mind that it is a function specially designed for selfies or portraits.

How to blur background in your Google Photos images

When a photo is suitable, we can see a button at the bottom that says Blur Background. By pressing it, we can select the amount of blur we want for our image. Once we have finished editing it. a copy of it will be saved in Google Photos.

The results, in general, are quite good, although obviously it will depend on our skill for the Photo retouching. But if we can master the process we will be delighted with the result.

Have you ever used the Blur Background option on your Google Pixel? Do you think this is an interesting option? What other tricks do you use to make perfect portraits? In the comments section that you can find at the bottom of the page you can comment everything you want about it.