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Spell checker in Whatsapp how to activate and deactivate? ✍

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Activate WhatsApp spell checker

He spelling checker WhatsApp came to solve our lives. It allows us to write, without having to worry about spelling. But it is not always so comfortable. There are times that change our words, to the point that our messages remain totally illegible.

Therefore, the world is divided between lovers and haters of this spelling help on Whatsapp. Whatever your opinion about it, you may want to activate or deactivate it according to the moment. To do this, we invite you to continue reading so you can learn how to do it easily in this Android application.

How to enable or disable the WhatsApp spell checker

Activate the spelling checker in Whatsapp

Spelling correction is not a characteristic of WhatsApp. It is an option that different keyboards have for Android. Therefore, we will not have any option to activate or deactivate the corrector, from the own messaging application.

Activate WhatsApp concealer

To be able to activate it (and also deactivate it) we will have to go to the General Settings of the mobile. Therefore, the first step will be:

  1. Access Android Settings.
  2. Once there, we will have to go to System
  3. Then to Language and text input.
  4. There will appear all the Android keyboards that we have installed on the mobile.
  5. We will select the one that interests us and look for the Predictive Text or Writing and AutoCorrect option, where we can see if it is activated.

When we have completed this process, the corrector will be activated. But it will not only be available for you to use in WhatsApp. It will be activated for any application you wish to write to.

Being a keyboard option, it is not possible to decide for which applications we want it to work and for which not. Therefore, if you want to have the proofreader in another app, you will have to use it in WhatsApp as well.

Disable WhatsApp spell checker

If you want to deactivate the spell checker, the steps to follow are exactly the same as to activate it. Simply, in the final step you will see how the corrector is previously activated. By clicking on it, you can deactivate it.

But keep in mind that if you deactivate the corrector for WhatsApp, it will not be available for any other application. If you still believe that the concealer is very annoying, as you see the process is quite simple.

Disable WhatsApp spell checker

Spell checking in other languages

If you usually write WhatsApp in other languages, you can also do it. Following the same process as in the previous step by step, once you enter the desired keyboard, you can choose another input language. In this way, you can use the spell checker in the language you usually use.

Here you can use our previous article, set the keyboard language of your Android phone or tablet.

Do you think the spelling checker is useful to avoid writing with mistakes? Or do you think it is preferable to have it removed to end the common «accidents»? Whether you love it or hate it, you can tell us your opinion in the comments section that you can find at the bottom of the page.