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【Screen Mirroring】 ▷ ?‍♂️ what is it and how do I know if my mobile phone has it?

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Screen Mirroring what is it

You know what is Screen Mirroring? Nowadays it is quite common that we use our mobile phone to watch videos or enjoy games. But surely you have missed being able to see what you do on your mobile, on your TV screen.

Luckily, many devices today have Screen Mirroring technology, which allows you to move your mobile screen to a Smart TV. But how do you know if you have Screen Mirroring available on your mobile? Let’s see.

? Everything you need to know about Screen Mirroring

?‍♂️ What is it and what is it for?

Screen Mirroring is a technology present in numerous mobile phones. Show your mobile screen to a smart TV.

what is Screen Mirroring

If you mobile phone It has this function and your TV has WiFi, you can easily connect both devices. So, if you have a video on your smartphone, you can watch it on big screen In a simple way.

It can also be very useful if you want to enjoy your favorite games a little more comfortably. Or you may even find it quite useful for making presentations or displaying documents.

It is actually a function similar to what we can do with a Chromecast, but without the need for any additional device.

screen mirroring icon samsung

Do you have a not very old Samsung mobile phone and a Samsung Smart TV? You have almost all the ballots so you can do Screen Mirroring.

What Samsung tablets and smartphones have Mirroring?

  • Samsung Galaxy S series (from Samsung Galaxy S3)
  • Samsung Galaxy series A
  • Samsung Galaxy J series
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note (from Galaxy Note 2)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab series

?‍♀️ How to know if your mobile has Screen Mirroring

The easiest way to know if your mobile has this function is to slide down the notification bar. There you can find a lot of functions such as flashlight, Bluetooth activation or screen capture.

In the event that your smartphone has the function of Screen mirroring It is there where you can find it. If both your TV and your mobile are connected to the same WiFi network, just press this button to activate it.

In a matter of seconds you will have the screen of your smartphone on the TV.

What if my mobile phone does not have Screen Mirroring? Download this app

If your smartphone does not have this serial function, it does not mean that you cannot see the contents you have on it towards the TV. And in the Google Play Store you can find a wide variety of external applications that will help you to enjoy this option. Although there are several options for this, we will recommend Screen Stream Mirroring Free, a free and quite useful app.

The process for this is very similar to when the function of moving the screen to the TV comes standard on the mobile.

You can download the app at the following link:

Have you ever used the Screen Mirroring function? Do you think it can be useful or do you prefer to see your content directly on your mobile? If you want to give us your opinion, you can do so in the comments section, which you can find at the bottom of this article.