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Problems with Whatsapp? ⛔ Is it down? in 2021 check it on your mobile

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¿Is Whatsapp down or offline today? Do you want to know if there are problems with WhatsApp today? For no one is a secret that WhatsApp It is the most important messaging application. And therefore, the most used by users around the world. However, sometimes their servers collapse and the famous falls occur that alert all their users.

A fear that many of those who use the message application have is that they lose the connection for a long time. And therefore, remain incommunicado from your contacts. Of course, there will still be phone calls and SMS text messages. But generally they have an additional cost that very few of us already want to pay.

Whatsapp is down

Most of the plans in the operators allow us to use Unlimited whatsapp. And it is a great advantage, since we will not spend more money than we know it costs our data plan. Therefore, if WhatsApp servers fail, users start complaining on networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Creating trends, memes and giving cane to the official account.

We are going to show you 2 ways to know if WhatsApp is down today in real time.

Are there problems with WhatsApp or is it down today? Check it easy on your Android mobile

Next we will give you 2 very precise ways, to verify that there is a WhatsApp crash. And all from your mobile device.

WhatsApp crash? information in your Twitter account

Most applications have a official social media account and Twitter is no exception. There are not many people who know that WhatsApp has an account on that platform. Which many use, to report any problem that occurs on the network.

Whatsapp is down

In addition, she is in charge of giving us important information every day about updates, features and more. The incredible thing is that it informs all its followers, if it detects that WhatsApp has been dropped. Also about a server failure.

When the network is restored to function normally and correctly, the public account that the WhatsApp crash has been fixed.

Problems with Whatsapp? you can know it by its application

The «Guasap» application has a tool that informs us of the status of the service. Therefore, it tells us if a fault arises and if WhatsApp is down today. The good news is that we can use the function and we will detail it below:

  1. You have to go to the WhatsApp application.
  2. In the upper right corner you have the three vertical dots. Touch there to access the WhatsApp settings.
  3. Then you have to look in the settings, the “Help«
  4. There we will see that there is an option called “Service status or application info» Obviously, we must press it to check if everything is working normal or WhatsApp has been dropped.

problems with WhatsApp

And if WhatsApp is not down today?

It is essential that we use this tool when messages do not reach contacts. When we cannot receive them or suspect a «guasapera» catastrophe. Although you must bear in mind that it is possible that the servers have not fallen and it is problems of your Internet connection.

And ultimately, there may be sudden falls that last a few minutes and the company You don’t have time to notify them. Ideally, keep calm and wait for the service to be restored when there are problems with WhatsApp. But if you’re one of the impatient people, you can always opt for alternatives like Telegram, Confide and other messaging apps.