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“Not registered on the network”, how to solve the problem?

Not registered on the network how to solve the problem

Have you ever turned on your mobile and you thought the error message “Not registered on the network” ?. This is a fairly common problem, especially in mobiles of some brands such as Samsung.

The problem may have various causes. Therefore, there are different strategies that you can carry out to solve it. In this post we will teach step by step how to solve the problem “Not registered in the network”.

Ways to solve the error “Not registered in the network”

What is this network registration error?

The mistake we are talking about today is the following. Instead of the operator’s name, when we turn on our phone we find a message that says “Not registered on network“.

When we encounter this error message, it is as if we were not connected to any operator. Therefore, we cannot make and receive calls or send messages. It is therefore a problem that needs to be solved yes or yes. Unless we are only going to use the smartphone via Wi-Fi.

How to solve Not registered on the network

A more common mistake in some brands like Samsung

In principle, any Android mobile is susceptible to this problem. However, there are brands that happen more frequently than others.

Specific, Samsung It is probably the brand that usually has more problems in this regard. If you have a mobile phone from the South Korean firm, it would be nothing unusual that at any given time you have to see yourself with this error of registering on the Web.

The easiest solution, restart the phone

It may seem silly, but it is the first thing to do, to discard it. And probably the easiest way to do this is by restarting your phone. Obviously, the connection problem is not always solved in this way.

But there are many occasions when something as simple as restarting the phone, can solve this complication without giving us more headaches.

Not registered on the network how to fix Android

Solve the problem Not registered in the network, activate Airplane Mode and deactivate

Another way in which many users solve their network connection problems is with the help of Airplane mode. When activating and deactivating the airplane mode, the mobile connection of our terminal is restarted. Therefore, it is a way to restart the entire process from the beginning without rebooting the phone.

It is not a definitive solution, but sometimes it works.

Not registered on the network solve Android

Change SIM for “If registered on the network”

Sometimes the reason why we cannot connect to the network normally is that the SIM is damaged. This usually happens especially when we have cut it to become a Nano or micro SIM. If we do not do it correctly, it is likely that we later encounter connection problems.

If the problem comes from here, the solution is as simple as change SIM. To do this you will have to contact your operator and ask them to make you a duplicate. Something that is usually quite fast, especially in the indicated store of the brand.

solution Not registered in the Network

Clean SIM card

It may also be that the SIM has become dirty. So you can take it out, blow into the opening of the SIM in the mobile, to release dust or dirt. Also clean the SIM card with a very slightly damp cloth. Do not wet the SIM, it is not necessary.

Solve the problem using ROOT

If you have the rooted mobile, there is another way in which you can try to solve the problem Not registered in the Network. To do this, you will have to install a Custom Recovery, and then download the files “Kernel Cleaning”, “Patched BUUGMJ3 modem” and “Patched XXUFMJ9 kernel”.

Once downloaded, you must paste the files mentioned on the microSD card of your mobile. Then enter Recovery mode mode, which is possible by pressing both the power buttons and volume up for several seconds. Then you will have to go to Install zip, and we will return to the folder in which you have copied the files. Normally it will be “Choose zip from / storage / sdcard”, Where you will see the previous files.

Not registered in the Network solution

Once there, the next step will be to choose the first of the files, Kernel, and apply the update, then following with the Patched Modem and finally with the Patched Kernel. To move through the menus you will have to use the volume keys, while the power button or Home, serves to select each of the options, as an Enter.

When you have completed this process, you will simply have to go to “Reboot System Now”For which you will have to return from the main menu. If a message appears along the way, you will simply have to say no. When you have completed the process, your mobile will restart. The normal thing is that by then the messages of “Not registered in the network” no longer appear and you can call and surf the Internet without problems.

solve problem Not registered on the Samsung Network

Update the Android operating system

In principle, we could say that it is not “mandatory” to update your smartphone. Each time a new version of the operating system arrives, it is not necessary. But the reality is that sometimes not doing so can give you some problems. Therefore, if you see the message that you have no network available and you have a new version of the system pending update, it is recommended that you do so. Sometimes, only this eliminates the problem.

fix error not registered on the network

It is true that in order to download the update files, an Internet connection is required. But the problem “Not registered in the network” does not imply any inconvenience to access through Wifi. Just make sure you are connected by a wireless network and you can make your update without problems.

Have you managed to solve your problem Not registered in the Network, by any of the mentioned methods? We invite you to tell us your experience in the comments section, at the end of this article. If you have had this problem and have solved it, other readers may benefit. This will complete and much, this article and its eagerness to solve a more common account problem, on Samsung mobile devices.