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Moto X4, how to format, reset and reset (Hard Reset)

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Moto X4 how to format reset and restart

If you have a Moto X4 for a long time, it is possible that after a period of trouble-free operation, you will no longer do it as at the beginning. If the redimiento has been resentful, it goes slow between transitions of menus, slow loading apps or games, etc., it may be time to formate, reset the Moto X4.

To solve this problem, you can reset to factory settings, so that it will be the same as at the beginning when you took it out of the box for the first time. We show you how to do it step by step below.

How to format, reset and restart the Moto X4 Hard Reset

Reset, normal reset, soft reset of Moto X4

Reset the Moto X4 to factory settings, it loses all the information you have in it, photos, videos, files, music. Therefore, we recommend that you previously make a backup copy of the X4 Moto. But you also may not have to reach that point. You can try to make a forced restart, also called soft reset, since if it is a simple hang, this way it could work again.

Moto X4 how to format reset and restart

To forcefully restart, you simply have to press the power button for about 15-20 seconds, and the phone will restart, without losing any of your data.

If you see that after a forced restart, it still does not work properly, it is time to choose a factory reset method. We explain what it entails or means format and reset to factory mode an Android mobile.

Moto X4 how to format reset and restart

Reset the Moto X4 via Settings menu – Settings

  1. Swipe up to access the Applications menu.
  2. Enter the Settings menu.
  3. Access the section Backup.
  4. Choose the Factory setting option.
  5. Finally, select the Reset device option.

As you can see, this method for Moto X4, resetting to factory settings is quite simple and intuitive. Therefore, it is what we recommend you to use unless the malfunctions are such that you cannot even access the configuration and configuration menus of Motorola. If you find yourself in the latter case, you can reset using buttons as we will explain below, also called by Recovery menu.

Moto X4 how to format reset and restart

Format Moto X4 using buttons, Recovery menu – Hard Reset

  1. Make sure your Moto X4 is off.
  2. Press and hold the power and volume down buttons for a few seconds.
  3. Using the volume button, go to Recovery Mode. Press the power button to confirm.
  4. Scroll through the menu to Wipe data / factory reset, and confirm again with the power button.
  5. Select the User data + personalized content option, to leave everything as at the beginning. Confirm and wait a few seconds for the process of formatting the Moto X4, Hard Reset.
  6. By pressing the power button, choose Reboot System Now to restart and reuse your smartphone.
  7. After this, the welcome screen will start, with the first configuration, choosing language, Wi-Fi connections, etc.

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Do you have a Moto X4? Have you ever had problems that forced you to reset and format the Moto X4 to factory settings? We invite you to go through our comments section at the foot of the page and tell us which of the methods has been easier for you to put it back to perfection.