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Moisture has been detected in the USB port ✅ How to fix it? before going to the SAT

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Moisture has been detected in the USB port

Moisture has been detected in the USB port, it is a message that you have ever seen on the screen of your mobile phone. It is very important the advantage that currently represent mobiles that can get wet. Good amount of high-end mobile phones that have been released in recent times, are water resistant.

It does not mean that we can immerse them in water, but it does they have protection against raindrops or accidental falls in the water. Although like everything else, they have their obstacles like moisture and load.

In the face of accidents and against dust these mobiles are excellent. But in these phones that can get wet and also in those that can’t, the fact that the USB port gets wet And because of that cannot be charged. The system indicates this, sometimes without even getting wet before.

Therefore, we will tell you how we can solve this problem in a simple way.

Moisture has been detected in the USB port How to fix it? before going to the SAT

This is a query that appears in many photos of brands such as Samsung, LG or Xiaomi.

What to do when our mobile detects moisture?

If we have received the following notification ‘’ Check USB charger / port. Moisture has been detected in the USB charger port. Make sure it is completely dry before charging the phone. It may take a while to dry completely. ‘

moisture charger port

At this time we do not know what to do. It had never happened to us and also the mobile was not previously exposed to moisture. Well, it’s not something for us to panic.

When the mobile has got wet

Whenever the phone gets wet, it activates its security mechanisms protecting its internal elements. But then, the speakers don’t work until they expel all the moisture and the same thing happens with the USB port.

This USB port has a system that prevents short circuits. But this factor is activated without motives, on certain occasions.

USB mobile phone moisture

When he mobile has got wet, we must be patient and let it dry completely. Once this don’t have any type of water drop We can continue to use it. We can help absorb water, with a piece of paper towels by inserting it into the slot.

In those phones that have a case, this error is usually more frequent. With temperature changes, condensation occurs. And the detection system notices some moisture. When this is the case, what we can do is remove the cover for a while and then proceed to load it.

Android mobile humidity problem

Moisture is detected in the USB port without getting wet

When the smartphone has not been wet, or has a case, but still detects moisture, it can already be a system failure. This can be easily solved. What we must do are a few steps and it is based on a restart:

  • We connect the charger to the USB cable.
  • We do the restart.
  • We let it turn on and verify if the message no longer appears.

Last option, go to the SAT or technical service

As you see everything is a matter of being patient. If it still appears, it may be a physical failure of the phone’s own Micro-USB input. In this case, if we have to go to the SAT, customer service or technical service. There they can give us a diagnosis of whether it is the charging connector, the one that is defective or damaged.

Have you ever had the message Moisture has been detected in the USB port on your phone? What have you done to fix it? Leave a comment below.