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Neon Light Wallpaper to Beautify Android Screen

1 año 9 meses antes - 1 año 9 meses antes #12586 por ethanliang
ethanliang Publicó: Neon Light Wallpaper to Beautify Android Screen
Customize your android and applock screen with HD live wallpaper neon light lock screen. Free neon light DIY theme as wallpaper is made to personalize and beautify your app lock screen, to lock down private apps, hide and encrypt sensitive and secret pictures, videos, to protect your phone privacy away from intruders or snoopers with pattern and numeric password. Applock theme neon light is specially designed for applock privacy scan & hide pic, including tons of unified icons and stunning wallpapers. Apply this neon light wallpaper to beautify app lock screen and protect privacy with password as PIN code or pattern lock. To use neon light wallpaper theme, you can follow these steps below:
-Download and install applock neon light theme
-Install the best privacy & security guard applock privacy scan & hide pic
-Start applock and then you can apply neon light theme. If you have applock privacy scan & hide pic already on your phone, you can directly do to theme center to apply neon ightwallpaper
No matter what kind of theme you like, we have tons of stunning and incredible themes and wallpaper like pet & animal, nature, love, vehicle, festival & holiday and so on. Also you can DIY your own theme:
-DIY theme function allow you to be designer yourself and turn your creative ideas into unique themes right on your phone
-DIY applock theme with your own photo or our beautiful wallpaper and delicate icons
Applock privacy scan & hide pic allows you to set numeric password or pattern lock to lock individual apps preventing snooper or intruders from accessing or enabling information you want keep private. Apps you want lock include:
-System settings
-Call log
-Text messages (SMS)
-Social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat etc.
Features of applock privacy scan & hide pic:
-Private image: hide and encrypt your private photos. Lock them with password lock or pattern lock
-Private video: Hide and encrypt your private videos. Lock them with password as PIN code or pattern
-Lock cover: Disguise your lock screen as something else like calculator, weather, Clock. Force Close & Finger Print screen cover to confuse snoopers or intruders.
-Prevent uninstall: After you enable Advanced Security feature, others are unable to delete this applock privacy scan & hide pic without your permission. This can better protect your privacy and secret.
Change app lock screen into neon light theme to decorate, to lock apps, hide private photos, videos inside app lock with neon light live wallpaper.

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