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Chuwi Hi10 Pro por $159.99

1 año 4 meses antes - 1 año 4 meses antes #13114 por Witwicky
Witwicky Publicó: Chuwi Hi10 Pro por $159.99
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Los chicos de nos dejan sus impresiones

First impressions & more info:

All ports power external HDD’s, the type-C port is working just fine at USB 3.0 speeds like it should.
12GB free in Remix
27GB free in Windows.
5V 3A charger, Type-C this is faster than the MicroUSB 2.0 ports and you can’t charge from the USB 2.0 port. Only data.
My unit has a Samsung CWBD3R 64GB eMMC 139 mb/s reads and 60 Mb/s writes (Good speeds)
The screen is the exact same unit as the HiBook, it looks good. No complaints, of course not no way near as good as the HiBook Pro’s
Air gap between the front glass and IPS is around 1mm, not distracting or huge like the PiPo X10’s massive 3-4mm gap.
Build quality is very decent for the price, the keyboard is good too.
Great to see Remix & Windows, shame the HiBook doesn’t have this, I feel Remix is better suited to this 2-in-1 style. Shame it’s not Remix OS 3.0 with Android 6.0

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