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How to update Google Play Store 2020

Google Play Store It is the Android app store. Something totally necessary if we want to download apps for our smartphone in a simple and convenient way.

And it is also a tool that is constantly updated. And is that Google is concerned that no user has problems with it.

But sometimes it is not easy to know if we have the latest version available. Therefore, in this post we will teach how to know what version of the store we have on our mobile. And, if necessary also how to update it.

Get the latest version of the Google Play Store

Do you have the Google Play Store installed?

The Google app store is preinstalled on virtually all Android phones. If this is not your case, you will first have to investigate how to download the Play Store for free.

But once you have it on your phone, whether it was preinstalled or not, the process to have it updated is the same.

Automatic update of the Play Store

Normally, the Google Play Store updates itself. When a new version is available, our smartphone downloads and installs it automatically. Therefore, we could say that in principle there is nothing to do to update.

But it is true that updates are carried out in a phased manner. And you also have to keep in mind that normally apps are only downloaded when there is a WiFi connection in between. Therefore, you may have a new version available and not have the update yet.

Manual update of the Google apps store

To know if we have the updated app store, we will have to enter the Play Store itself and its Settings menu.

We can find this menu by pressing the icon with three stripes that we will find in the upper left of the app. Once within the settings, we will choose Play Store Version. There we will see the version that we have installed.

When you click on it, if we have the latest version, the message “Google Play Store is updated” will appear. If this is not the case, it will read “A new version of the Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed”.

Once we have found this message, we will only have to wait for it to be installed. The installation can take place in the background, so we can continue doing other things with our smartphone.

It is a process that, although it depends on the speed of your connection, is usually quite fast. Once finished, you will have the latest version of the app store installed on your mobile. Apart from this advice, we also tell you tricks for Google Play, with which to better use the Google apps and games store.

Have you checked if you have the latest version of the Google Play Store on your Android phone? Do you always update it automatically or have you ever updated it manually?

In the comments section that you can find a little below, you can tell us what you want about this process in a comment.

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