How to turn Chrome’s fake Google search box into a real one

How to turn Chrome's fake Google search box into a real one

Only a few Google Chrome users know that there is a fake Google search box in the browser. His presence is so subtle that even the best of us could fall for it.

The fake Google search box is present in the new Google Chrome tab, right in the center. You may have noticed that as soon as you start typing in the search box, the browser immediately redirects users to the Google Chrome address bar.

Google search box in front of the Chrome address bar

I miss right! It does not make any sense. The new Google Chrome tab page offers two search fields, which are essentially the same.

Google placed the fake search bar in 2012 as an experimental feature and has kept it there ever since. While we’re not sure, it’s not crazy to believe that Google did it to make the search bar more accessible.

We are likely to click on a giant search box, which replicates a familiar Google search instead of the small address bar.

How to make it a real one?

You may not appreciate the fake search box because it offers no advantage over the address bar. However, Google provides a way to change the fake search field in a real Google search bar.

Here is how we can have it:

  1. to write Chrome: // flags in Google Chrome search
  2. Look for the «real search box on the New Tab page.»
  3. Enable function mark.
  4. Restart the browser.

Now, the search box in the center of the Google Chrome homepage will behave like a real Google search.

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