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how to sign up for the beta and try it before

If you have a Huawei mobile, you may be waiting for the arrival of EMUI 10, the new version of the operating system based on Android 10.

In principle, it’s just a matter of having a little patience, depending on the model you have.

But if you can’t wait, we tell you how you can sign up for the EMUI 10 beta program and have it before on your Huawei Android phone.

How to have the EMUI beta 10 before?

BETA, the app needed to install EMUI 10 ahead of time

To install an EMUI beta, you will have to have the Beta application. You will not find it in the Play Store, but you will have to download it directly from the following official Huawei link:

Steps to access the beta

Once you have the app installed, you will have to open it. The first step that will ask you will be to log in with your huawei account, something essential to be able to try EMUI 10.

Even if it has many buttons, you won’t have to pay much attention to them. You just have to enter the Personal section, and then select Join the Project.

If there is a beta program available for your mobile, you can see it in the Available Projects option. It is important that we keep in mind that not all phones have this program available, and that each program has a maximum number of users. Therefore, it is not 100% certain that you can join any beta program in question.

The next step is simply to wait for you to be admitted to the program. It usually lasts a few days, although you may have to wait a week. During these days you don’t have to do anything, just wait.

When you have been admitted, what you will receive is a update notification of system. But if you are a little impatient you can also enter the BETA app to see how the process progresses.

When you have been accepted, you will receive an update that is officially a system security patch. This is not directly the beta you are waiting for. It is simply a patch that you have to install beforehand, so that you can later test EMUI 10 safely.

Once you have installed this update, you will receive a new notification. In this case, it is about beta. Now, the update process is the same as whenever you have previously received a Android update.

You will have to download it first and then wait for it to install. It is a process that can take a while, so we recommend that you make sure you have enough battery.

Do I install the EMUI 10 beta or better I hope?

It is important that we keep in mind that the beta is nothing other than a Huawei test to verify that EMUI 10 works correctly. Therefore, in the case that you decide to install it, you have to assume that everything may not work perfectly, especially at the beginning.

Leave a comment if you have made Beta of EMUI 10 on your Huawei.