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How to share Internet from mobile to PC via USB cable

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How to share Internet from mobile to PC via USB cable

Have you run out of light or Internet at home and need to connect from the laptop? That should not be a problem, since we can share the Internet from our mobile.

The most common is to do it via WiFi. But what many do not know is that it is also possible to share our connection through a USB Cable. It is a fairly simple option, and we will explain how to do it step by step.

Mobile Internet sharing via USB

Steps to share Internet to a PC or laptop, via USB cable from the mobile phone

To share your connection via USB, all you need is to have a mobile with an Internet connection and a USB cable. The process you must follow is not too complicated, since it is an option that we will easily find in the menu of our smartphone.

But it is true that it is a bit hidden, so sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find it. But so that you can do it in a simple way, we teach you the steps you must follow:

  1. Connect the mobile to the PC using the USB cable
  2. Enter the Settings menu
  3. Accede to Mobile networks
  4. Enter Anchorage and WiFi zone
  5. Activate the option Share by USB (this option will be disabled if we do not have the mobile connected)
  6. A notification will appear on the computer asking for access to connect to the network. We must click Yes.

Once you have completed all these steps, you can use internet connection from your mobile to the computer without any difficulties.

Video tutorial on how to connect a PC or laptop to the Internet, via USB cable to the mobile

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, in our Youtube channel We have published a video in which we will show you how you can do this process step by step.

In this way, if you have not been clear about any of the steps that we have explained in this post, you can see step by step how to carry it out so that you can share the Internet without problems:

In the event that you have any difficulties, or simply do not have a USB Cable, you always have at your disposal the possibility of sharing the Internet of your mobile through WiFi.

This method can also be very useful if you want to use your Internet connection on another type of device such as a tablet, where connecting to the Internet via USB is much more complicated.

Have you ever needed to share the Internet from your mobile to your computer? Which of the two methods, by USB or by WiFi, has been the most comfortable for you? We invite you to tell us in our comments section at the foot of this article.