How to set an alarm with Spotify music on the Android watch

Spotify music alarm on Android watch

Bored of hearing the same alarm on your Android mobile? Let’s see how to put an alarm with Spotify music on the Android watch and use it as an alarm or alarm tone. With this we customize our Android phone a little more.

The Google clock application is one of the ones we usually use in our smartphones. And recently a new feature has been revealed that can be very interesting, and it allows the possibility of setting alarms using music from now on Spotify.

How to set an alarm with Spotify music on the Android clock

Choose the Spotify song you want to wake up

Until now, we could use as alarm tone Any song we had downloaded on our Smartphone. But the great novelty is that from now on we can also choose any theme that we can find in Spotify, so the catalog of available songs is practically unlimited.

Spotify music alarm on Android watch

If you are already a user of the Google clock application, you will not have to do anything special to have this option, just wait for the update to arrive. In the case that you usually use another app to set the alarm, the solution is as simple as downloading the Google clock.

Spotify music alarm on Android watch

How to put a Spotify song as an alarm tone

Once you receive the update, in the Sound section of alarm of the application settings you will find a new tab called Spotify. There you will find the latest songs selected and played, as well as a list of songs that can help you get up more energetically.

Of course, if it is the first time you are going to put a Spotify song as an alarm tone, it will ask you to link your account of the streaming music service with the application. But it is something that you can do very easily in just a few seconds, so in principle the process should not have any difficulty.

Spotify music alarm on Android watch

Download Google Clock

The Google Clock comes pre-installed as standard on the Nexus, Pixel and Android One smartphones. But if your brand or model is another, you will not have too much trouble, since you can download the application completely free of charge. You will simply have to access the Google Play Store, in the following link:

Have you tried using a Spotify song as an alarm or alarm tone? Did you find the process simple? Do you think it is a better choice of typical alarm tones?

If you want to give us your opinion about this new possibility offered by Google Clock, we invite you to do so in the comments section.

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