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How to reset a Google Pixel 3? HARD RESET and format factory mode

reset a Google Pixel 3

Do you need to reset Google Pixel 3 and format factory mode? Although the Google Pixel 3 It is generally a fairly reliable Android mobile, it is normal that over time it starts to give small malfunctions.

With use, most of us end up installing junk files that reduce the performance of our devices. Therefore, resetting to factory settings can be an interesting solution.

Here we show you all the methods you can carry out for it.

? How to reset a Google Pixel 3, format and HARD RESET factory mode

? Soft reset, normal reset

When resetting to factory mode, you will lose all the information you have stored in the Google Pixel 3. Therefore, before you can try a less drastic solution.

He soft reset or normal reset, It is nothing other than a forced restart, which can save you if your mobile has simply hung up. To do this, you simply have to follow these steps:

format Google Pixel 3

  1. Press and hold the power button until the screen turns off. Normally between 5 and 10 seconds.
  2. It will restart. Wait for it to finish turning on normally.
  3. It should work normally.

hard reset Google Pixel 3

? Format Google Pixel 3 reset via Settings menu

If your Google Pixel 3 still does not work properly despite having made a forced restart, you will have no choice but to return it to factory mode. Of course, it is very important that before you make sure that you have done backup copy of everything.

There are two methods to reset, although the simplest is to do it through the menus. Logically, this method can only be carried out in case your Google Pixel 3 works enough for you to navigate the screen.

If this is your case, the steps to follow will be the following:

  1. Make sure the phone is on.
  2. Go to Settings> System.
  3. Go into Restart options> Clear all data.
  4. Finally, choose Reset phone> Clear all.

Once this process is finished, your Android phone will look the same as when you took it out of the box. Therefore, you will have to copy the data again and install the apps.

restart Google Pixel 3

Reset Pixel 3 Hard reset using buttons

If you can’t even access your mobile menus, you can factory reset your phone with the following steps:

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Press and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time.
  3. Release the buttons when a menu appears on the screen.
  4. Move with the volume keys to Recovery Mode and confirm with the power button.
  5. When an image of the Android robot appears, press the power button and after two seconds the volume up.
  6. In the menu that appears, choose wipe data / factory reset.
  7. Choose Yes on the next screen.
  8. Finally, choose Reboot system now.
  9. After this, it will take a few minutes to start the first setup. Choose language, set up Gmail account, etc.

If you want to share your experience with us when formatting the Google Pixel 3, we invite you to do so in our comments section.