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How to remove YOIGO voicemail, answering machine? ?‍♂️ Activate or deactivate with this code

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How to remove YOIGO's voicemail

Do you need to remove Yoigo’s voicemail, turn off the answering machine? When we were little, answering machines were very practical, in which we could leave a message if they didn’t catch us on the phone. When the mobiles began to appear, they became the voicemail.

But for some users, voicemails are quite annoying. Therefore, if you have a Yoigo mobile, you may prefer to deactivate it. We show you the code that you will have to enter to remove the voicemail and deactivate the Yoigo answering machine. Also how to activate it again, in case you regret it.

Steps and code to remove Yoigo’s voicemail, turn off the answering machine

Disable voicemail by code

Most telephone companies have a code that allows you to remove your voicemail. You will simply have to dial it, as if it were a telephone number and the problem of being called and the answering machine is over.

In case you have a mobile Yoigo, what you will have to do is:

  1. Mark * 67 * 556 # and then the call button.
  2. Then you will have to dial * 62 * 556 # and again the call button.
  3. And then you will have to dial * 61 * 556 # and the call button.
  4. Only after you have dialed all three codes will Yoigo’s voicemail be deactivated.

remove YOIGO voicemail

Even if you have deactivated the answering machine, the messages that you have previously left will not be deleted. Therefore, you can listen to them whenever you want.

Remove voicemail using the Mi Yoigo application

You may find it very little intuitive to remove your voicemail with so much code. Luckily there is another way a little slower, but also easier to do. And it is through the application My yoigo.

deactivate YOIGO voicemail activate

This Android application It allows you to access your invoices or make changes to your line directly from your Android mobile. And it also has a section where you can activate or deactivate voicemail whenever you want. You can access through the web version, but it is much more convenient to download the app in the following link of Google Play Store:

Activate voicemail again

To activate voicemail on your Yoigo mobile again, you will also have to use a series of codes. First you will have to:

  1. Dial * 67 * 633 # and the call button.
  2. Then dial * 62 * 633 # and the call button.
  3. And finally you will have to press * 61 * 633 # and the call button.

In a matter of seconds you will receive an SMS message in which you will be notified that your Yoigo voicemail has been activated and you can now use it whenever you want.

You can also activate your telephone answering machine through the Mi Yoigo application.

Which method did you find most convenient to activate or deactivate Yoigo’s voicemail? You can count it in the comments section at the bottom of the page.