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How to put the dark mode on a Samsung Galaxy mobile (whatever)

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Are you looking for how to put the dark mode on a Samsung Galaxy mobile, whatever it is? It is becoming more and more common for different smartphone models to have a dark mode, to help us save battery and save our eyesight. But it is true that the way to activate it may vary slightly depending on the model we use

If you have a Samsung galaxy, in this post we will teach you the steps you have to follow to learn how to put this mode. Remember that for this it is necessary that you mobile have Android 10 at a minimum, as this option is not available on older models.

dark mode

Dark mode on Samsung Galaxy phones

What is dark mode?

Dark mode is a function of Android phones that have been released in recent years. What it does is that the background of most applications, which is usually white or light colors, turns black.

There are applications, such as Twitter, that allow you to put the dark mode directly from the app itself, regardless of the mobile model you have. But most of the applications need you to have this mode active from the phone’s settings so that you can enjoy them in black. For this, it is essential that you have a more or less recent mobile, since models with Android versions prior to Android 10 they don’t usually have this option.

Advantages of night mode

The main advantage of this mode for your mobile phone is that it involves less strain on your eyes. This is especially interesting when you usually stay with your mobile until late at night, even with the light off. The higher the contrast between the phone light and ambient light, the more effort your eyes will have to exert.

But also the dark mode also makes you spend less battery. The brighter the pixels, the higher the expense of the screen. Therefore, it is recommended that you use this mode if you want the battery to last a little longer.

Put dark mode via shortcut

The most comfortable way to put the dark mode on a Samsung Galaxy is through the shortcut. To do this, you just have to slide the notifications and settings menu at the top of the screen. Among the buttons that you will find, you will see one with a drawing of a moon. When we click on it, the night mode will automatically be activated.

If you use it often, we recommend that you customize this menu so that the moon button always stay in sight.

Activate night mode through the Settings menu

Another way to get to dark mode is through the Settings menu of your smartphone, accessing the screen section.

There you will find an option that allows you to activate this mode and deactivate it whenever you want. It is an option a little more complicated than the previous one, but if you don’t manage too well with the settings of the settings menu in the notifications it can get you out of trouble. The result is exactly the same regardless of the method you use.