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How to put password to Android applications

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If we lend the mobile to someone to make a call or a consultation, there is always the possibility that that person ends up accessing our photos in the gallery or our WhatsApp conversations. Something that may not be too comfortable for our privacy. Luckily, Android offers you the possibility to put a password to your apps so you don’t have those problems.

Options to put password to your applications

From phone Settings

To set a password it is not necessary to install any additional application. You can do it from any mobile just by following the steps indicated below:

  1. Enter the phone Settings
  2. Access Privacy and Security
  3. Enter Application Lock
  4. Create a PIN four-digit
  5. Choose the applications you want to block
  6. By pressing the Settings icon you can activate the fingerprint lock

Please note that these steps may be slightly different depending on the smartphone model you use.

From third party applications

If you are not too convinced by the native Android options to set a password to your applications, you also have the possibility of installing a third-party application. These applications usually have a few more customization options, so they are ideal in the event that we are not too convinced of what the native option offers.

One of these options is App Locker, which stands out for a clean interface and for allowing you to choose between password, pattern or fingerprint to enter your applications.

Another interesting option can be App Lock, with a similar operation and a paid version available in case we do not want to see ads.

From the applications themselves

There are also some applications that have their own function that allows us to set a password to avoid intruders. Some examples of them are WhatsApp and Telegram, and bank applications usually also ask you to enter your password or fingerprint in them every time you go to access them.

If the applications we want to protect are one of those that have this option, so the easiest thing will be to do it by this method.

Why put password to our applications

The password in the applications is an ideal option if your mobile is used often by other people. It is a function that is very useful for parents who sometimes lend their children on the phone, or also for those who work with shared computers. Whenever you have the possibility for another person to access your smartphone, we recommend this option.

Have you ever put a password to any of the applications on your smartphone? Which of these options have you chosen? A little further down you can find the comments section, where you can give us your opinion about it.