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How to pay Netflix with Google Play ?, gift card or code

how to pay netflix with google play

Do you have a gift card or coupon and want to pay Netflix ?. We’ll see How to pay Netflix with Google Play. One way you can pay your Netflix subscription without a credit card.

But, since it is not the most traditional method, it is easy for you not to know how to do it. We show you how to redeem your card or code step by step, so you can pay Netflix from Google Play and watch your online series and favorite movies.

How to pay Netflix without a credit card, through Google Play

With this procedure you can pay Netflix without a credit card, since we can use a Google Play gift card or a code that we have won in a contest. It is very practical especially if you do not want to give your credit card information and you get along with the cards from the Google app store.

How to pay Netflix with Google Play and gift card

The first step you will have to do to pay Netflix with Google Play is to convert that gift card into available balance to use in the app store.

how to pay netflix through google play

Once you have opened the card, you will see how it appears on it code. It is the one that you should use to continue with the process to pay Netflix.

  1. Access the Google Play Store app.
  2. Enter Menu>exchange.
  3. Enter the code you can find on the card.
  4. Click on exchange.

Although the most common is usually to do it from a gift card, the process is the same if what you want is pay Netflix with a promotional code of Google Play that have happened to you or that you have achieved in some way. Simply, the code that you will have to enter at the time of redemption will not be written on the card, but you will have achieved it in another way.

how to pay netflix for google play

How Netflix is ​​paid with Google Play

The next step you will have to do it from the Netflix application.

Once in the Android app, you will have to access the Account section, which will take you to the details of your subscription. It is at that point where you will find the payment method. You will simply have to change the payment method that you have set up right now by Google Play, and it will already be paid with your balance.

Of course, it is important to remember that if you run out of credit, your Netflix subscription could be canceled by non-payment. Therefore, the moment you see that the amount you have entered is insufficient, you will either have to buy another Google Play gift card or redo this process to change the payment method of your account.

How to pay Netflix with Google Play

Pay Netflix for Google Play, no longer available for new users

It is very important that you know that Google Play is no longer available as a means of payment for Netflix for new customers or for those who return to the service after having temporarily abandoned it. In the event that you have been using the service for a while, you can continue paying with this method without problems, until you cancel your account.

Now what do you know how to pay Netflix with Google Play, we invite you to tell us through a comment, your experience with this great platform to watch online series and movies.