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How to make screenshot of Samsung J5, J3 and J7? ?

samsung j5 screenshot

Do you want to know how a screenshot of the Samsung J5, J3, and J7 is made? Make a screenshot in Android phones It is quite common. Virtually everyone has needed it at some time.

But it is possible that depending on the smartphone, the process changes slightly. In this post we show you how to make screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy J3, J5 or J7.

Procedures to take a screenshot of the Samsung J5 J3 or J7

Screenshot by buttons

In most phones, to take a screenshot we have to press the power buttons and turn down the volume at the same time.

It is something that is usually common for all mobile phones that use the operating system Android. However, if you try it with your Samsung, you will see that the result is not as expected. And the South Korean brand uses a different procedure. And for this it uses an element that we will not find in other brands: the start button.

Samsung J7 screenshot

To get a screenshot on your Samsung J3, J5 or J7, you will have to press the start and power buttons of the phone. Of course, keep in mind that it will be necessary for you to hold them down for about 2 seconds.

In addition, you must ensure that you have pressed them both at the same time. Once you have done it, you will have an image with what appeared at that time on your screen. It is the typical screenshot.

Samsung J3 screenshot

Capture Samsung J3 J5 J7 screen using an external application

Normally it is not necessary to install anything additional to make a screenshot. But if you are not convinced by the traditional method, you can install an application that helps you. In the Google Play Store we can find many Applications intended to capture screen.

One of the most recommended is Easy Screen Capture. This app will allow you to make captures with scroll or capture only a piece of the screen.

It is completely free and, if you want to start using it, you will simply have to download it from the following link:

Where to find your screenshots

The screenshots you made using these two methods will go directly to your gallery. If you search for them at the moment, it will be easy for you to find them, because they will appear among the most recent elements.

Samsung J3 J5 J7 screenshot

But if you can’t find them, a folder called screenshots or screenshots. In it you can find all the screenshots you have made. Regardless of whether it has been directly or through an application.

Once you have the image open, you can edit or share it easily. The process will be the same as with a photo taken with the camera.

Now that you know how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J5 and also the J3 and J7, you can leave your comment. Tell us your experience when making screenshots. We hope you find it useful, as described in this little Android tutorial.